first look at a simple example. For the love of Shanghai search, we first search the word "Li Bingbing", click to love Shanghai pictures, you can see is like this:

1, ranking and site keywords ranking is a bit different, the picture is not a show, but there are many lined up together, and this needs to be done. Do look good and beautiful, attractive, everyone’s aesthetic is not the same, mapping long period of training, but also pay attention to the picture must be clear and creative hd.

these "Li Bingbing" picture, there is a source of love and love in the space of Shanghai Haiyun love Shanghai users upload to, is more love Shanghai search engine grab third party website images, and then through the system identification and display to search people.


so this is what we are going to one of the important reasons for web image optimization, for site drainage.


then know this, we need some pictures in the details of processing effort.

website is composed of text + pictures, some stations may also have some video, in the optimization of the web site, the original content is essential, but also can be attached to the image search optimization, some students may ignore this.

4, the size of the picture is the best control within 100K, so everyone opened quickly, but except in special circumstances, such as a poster, compressed to less than 100K is not possible, that all depends.

we analysis on one of the pictures:

when we put the mouse on the top of the picture, there will be a "click" source ", and the picture information bar in the upper right corner shows the corresponding information: text and source page, click on the three place, will go to the top of the page in this picture.

6, Named

3, "alt= added in the code…" This label, information about the photo, because the search engine is cannot read this picture, but can read ALT code inside the content label. Can also be added to the title=…" The label, not only can understand the user search engine, the mouse on the picture is what is displayed in this picture. This requires students to understand the code optimization.


image format commonly used with static JPG and dynamic GIF, png. The JPG format has the advantage of more complete to keep the sharpness of the image case, picture capacity is not great; the characteristics of PNG can make the picture is.

2, is fastidious, attention must not use Chinese to name, Pinyin, English, digital can.

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