for some auxiliary words, is not possible to have on the tit>

4, Title is not only write keywords. In fact, this is not very good, although we are only write a few words of trouble, but in most cases, if a natural word write in title, the effect will be better. For example, A5 Title: "| stationmaster net will be on the site admin5贵族宝贝 webmaster webmaster information and service center", a total of 55 characters, three main keywords, but also appears to be very natural.

2, Title should be the most important keywords on the front, which is best not to put more than three of the main keywords,

talk today, all know of Shanghai Longfeng concerned friends, veterans who float, new friends can and I together to review the old lessons. The title of the site is very important for Shanghai dragon, especially love Shanghai, a good Title, can be a multiplier effect on the optimization work, while Title and Description complexes, although we can not say all the internal optimization, but it is one that cannot be ignored. May be some friends will say Keywords, but this is not an indicator of say no, just now is search engine to give the share is too low, you according to the keywords you want to write, you can, without too much attention.



auxiliary keyword appears only once, the proposal will not excess three auxiliary keywords. But do an experiment, the main keyword in four, the effect is also very good, did not appear to be right down the phenomenon of a few months.

separator: separator recommended "|", followed by a space, again is English comma. Of course, some people also use the comma and other common symbols, such as "+" what, but is generally not recommended.

1 Title, the number of not more than 28 Chinese characters (56 characters), more than this value, the search engine will not be displayed, then the back of the content is less than the role of optimization. But in Shanghai, met up to 30 Chinese characters.

was the first to talk about Title, for title, they don’t say, now talk about title’s writing requirements.

5 Title, once set, do not often change, Shanghai is a taboo for love this thing, especially new sites, so the title don’t every two or three days, in writing before title, must be considered. If you find the station Title poorly written in operation for several days, is not in line with the optimization of the habit, or your station in the past Title write well, now we have to change, that it’s the pain, although it will experience a few days or weeks of unrest, but for this one a long-term development of the station, it is necessary to.

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