when we design the site code optimization, try to set up a simple code. The website code simple and smooth can facilitate the search engines continue to grab included, enhance the citation rate of the site as a whole, improve website page keywords ranking, the stability of the overall site keywords ranking. The site at the beginning of the line, the best website program of generating static, optimization function like this, can reflect our optimization effect.

we all know that the high quality of the chain can be brought to the site high weight of the vote, so as to promote our website keywords good ranking in search engines, but everyone in the choice of the high quality of the chain, the Shanghai dragon Er generally choose forum signature and classification of information, you can not imagine, when one day the search engine to cancel the forum signature and forum website cancel do signature? At that time our website keyword must have plummeted, here I suggest you find other resources outside the chain! Now I give you some chain place (for reference only) the first blog editor: my first choice is Sina.

every day to keep the original or false original content updates, so you can attract the search engine spiders often visit our website. It is the construction of the chain, some people will ask, what is inside the chain, actually said simply, is the page a to page B and even C page anchor text links. So I can tell you is that, well within the chain, can enhance the user experience, enhance the page flow.

fourth: This is the strong support of the

: the first web space and the choice of the domain name

second: This is the website design code

said the first web space, must find a stable and high safety index server, not every two or three days can not open the website, affecting the user experience and search engine in time points. Who is in the choice of the domain name, select a site with keywords related to the domain name, try to be brief, easy to remember. For example: love Shanghai domain name: baidu贵族宝贝 this domain name and domain name can be seen briefly with love, the word Shanghai correlation.

third: website content update and the role of the chain in

Objective: the majority of Shanghai dragon Er practitioner’s goal is to get his own web site in the search engine has good keywords ranking, this is our Shanghai dragon Er efforts goal. But the face of the search engine algorithm constantly updated, who can guarantee that our website will have been in the home, today is likely to the first page, it may fall to second pages tomorrow, the keywords ranking, are the clouds it? But even so, some methods we can find some stable website keywords ranking! Here I explain to you several stable website keywords ranking methods, hope pointed out that place not

chain !

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