are willing to give Modi a chance. which can be harmful. upper castes, With Buddha and Mahavira, He and his brother raise money by holding commercial group-tuition classes in the evening and use the earnings to provide free teaching,After two and half-year probes marked with botched up investigations the Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) had filed a closure report in the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case in December 2010. it was rejected the court hearing the matter. Rajesh Talwar and Dr.

Noida was found murdered in the morning of 16. 695/08 was registered u/s 302 IPC at PS, Sect-20 Noida on 16. of Uttar Pradesh issued a notification no. Thereafter a notification was issued by DOPT, Govt.2008 to 31. On 16. Rajesh Talwar in his written complaint had alleged that his servant Hemraj had killed his daughter in the night og 15/16. servant of Dr.

08 from the terrace of the residence of Dr. The post mortem of deceased Aarushi was conducted by Dr. The scene of crime was inspected by the Investigating Officer on 16. after inspecting the scene of crime, During investigation by U. Police,2008 and produced in the court at Ghaziabad on 24.2008 the court granted three days police custody which was extended till 30. Thereafter, Rajesh Talwar was sent to judicial custody on 30.

Investigation by CBI (31. The CBI took Dr. The Hon’ble Court granted bail to Dr. Investigation has revealed that Dr. Rajesh Talwar was residing at Flat No. Sec-25, Jalvayu Vihar, Rajesh Talwar. Nupur Talwar and the bedroom being used by Aarushi were adjacent to each other. Some portion of the common wall between these rooms was made of plywood partition.

Both the rooms were equipped with AC. During the night of the incident both the ACs were on. Noida, After returning to their residence Aarushi and her mother stayed home. Vandana Talwar w/o Dr. Rajesh Talwar) reached residence of Dr. Nupur Talwar and Aarushi had lunch together. Vandana Talwar remained there till 3. when she left to pick up her son and then went to her clinic. She returned at around 7.

On 15/05/2008 at around 9. Rajesh Talwar returned home in his car driven by his driver Umesh, who then went to park the car in the garage of Shri Chitnis, father in law of Dr. Talwar and handed over the keys of the car and bag of Dr. Umesh saw Dr. On 15/5/08 itself, a packet was delivered at the residence of Dr. Talwar on his return at night saw the packet carried it to his bedroom and kept it in his almirah. After dinner.

Nupur persuaded Dr. The wall clock which [illegible text] the photograph shows that these photographs were taken at [illegible text]. Thereafter Dr. Both the bedrooms are adjacent and have a plywood partition between them. Talwar (which is kept in Dr. Talwar’s bedroom at around 12 midnight to talk to Aarushi. The telephone kept ringing but no one picked up the phone.08 midnight and 6 AM next day morning but circumstantial evidence is available [illegible text] the probable sequence of events. On 16. of Hemraj at 6.

01 am. she saw her dead body covered with a white bed sheet. Nupur removed the sheet from her face and showed it to Bharti. By this time one or two neighbours had come to the flat. Dinesh Talwar. local police reached the spot and conducted necessary formalities. Talwar that Hemraj had committed the murder and was missing. Rajesh Talwar including one Dr. Rajesh Talwar and had stumbled upon some blood stains on the handle of terrace door which was locked. They had also seen some wiped bloody footmarks and wiped blood stains on the upper staircase.

As sson as the body of Aarushi was taken for cremation, the staff of Dr. Nupur Talwar, The ashes were collected and kept in a locker which was rented by Dr. On reaching home, after around an hour it was decided that Dr. Nupur Talwar and Shri Satish Talwar, a cousin of Dr. Rajesh Talwar, Investigation also revealed that Dr.

Gautam, Sushil Chaudhary had contacted Shri K. Rajesh Talwar, Gautam, Rajesh Talwar, The lock of the door was then broken. A body in advanced stage of putrification was seen lying towards the left side of the roof near the external unit of the air conditioner. The body was covered with a cooler panel taken from the cooler situated on the roof. Rajesh Talwar had already left for Haridwar and it will be difficult for him to come back as he must have covered a lot of distance. Rajesh Talwar.

Dinesh Talwar. The vaginal orifice of deceased Aarushi was unduly large and the mouth of cervix was visible. The whitish discharge present in the private parts of Aarushi was taken and smears sent for Pathological examination. Rigor mortis had set in. viii. The blunt injury is on the back side of his head. The abrasion and contusion on the body of Hemraj indicated anti-mortem dragging. Gandhinagar. He gave detailed report in which he pointed out that the crime had been cimmitted by someone very close to Aarushi. He has also opined that the body of Hemraj was dragged on the roof with a sheet.

The opinion has also established presence of a wet circular mark on the bed sheet below the pelvic area of Aarushi which was not urine. The expert has confirmed that when Aarushi was assaulted, the door of her bedroom was open. viii. That DNA of none of the servants was found on any of the exhibits collected from the crime scene. No biological fluid or DNA could be recovered from the golf sticks handed over by Dr. Rajesh Talwar. Human blood could not be detected on the khukri which belonged to suspect Krishna. Investigation revealed that the scene of crime in the room of Aarushi as well as on the roof where the body of Hemraj was found was heavily dressed. The important facts which show dressing of the scene of crime are reflected in the photographs of the scene of crime.

These includes:- i. The body was covered with a blood drenched white sheet. The lower garments of Aarushi appear to be pulled up/down. However, the pyjamas worn by Aarushi do not have any signs of wetness. viii. Dragging marks of body of Hemraj towards the outdoor unit of AC. xiii. The body of Hemraj was dragged to the corner on the roof. Blood stained drag marks were seen on the stair case leading from the flat of Dr.

Some of the blood stained marks were wiped with a cloth. Aarushi’s room was cleaned and washed immediately after the body was taken for cremation. An impression was given that the outer door of Dr. The blood on the pillow of deceased Aarushi shows two blood patterns, Rajesh Talwar was a member of Golf Club, Rajesh Talwar was to be given for servicing. At that time, only one golf stick is visible and the other one was found missing. Rajesh Talwar handed over the complete golf set comprising of 03 wooden clubs (Nos. 07 iron clubs (Nos.

The golf set taken over from Rajesh Talwar was sent to experts. No body fluid or blood could be detected on the golf sticks. The dimensions of the striking surface of the golf club bearing No. 3 & 5 appeared to have been thoroughly cleaned so much so that they were visibly distinct from the other golf sticks of the set. Shri Umesh identified Golf stick No. Rajesh Talwar informed that his cousin Ajay Chadda and his wife Dr. Nupur Talwar had found one Golf stick in the loft of the residence of Dr. Nupur Talwar and Shri Ajay Chadda had seen this golf stick to see whether any blood was on the golf stick. Sushil Choudhary, Raj Kumar & Vijay Mandal were subjected to various scientific tests including Lie Detection Test.

The test results for all the suspects were found to be inconclusive. Rajesh Talwar were analyzed with the help of experts. when the router was ultimately switched off. Nupur Talwar made a call on the mobile phone of Hemraj. However, the details of internet activity during day-time on 16/05/2008 shows that the router was switched on and off on a number of occasion with long gaps, even when the police and visitors were in the apartment. The opinion of experts is unable to explain this activity of router on 16th satisfactorily.25 hrs. Some of the friends of Aarushi had tried to contact her on her mobile phone but it was found switched off.

Investigation revealed that Aarushi’s phone was found by housemaid Kusum around 15 to 20 days after the incident. The phone was sent to CFSL, Phone book etc.) relating to Aarushi was available on the mobile phone. Rajesh Talwar(120-4316388). On 15.01 hrs and the tower location shows that he was at his residence. on 16. the first activity is at 6. On 15.

The CDR activity of Dr. Dinesh Talwar, Sushil Choudhary and Shri K. This was further strengthened by various circumstances showing that there was no possibility of involvement of an outsider in this crime. No evidence has come forth about motive on the part of any outsider. Evidence has come forth that only the family members and Hemraj were last seen the house before the crime and only parents were first seen after the crime. No intruder would bother to dress of scene of crime. Hemraj. No intruder will lock the terrace door. An intruder is unlikely to take liquor inside the flat after committing a double murder when they know that parents are sleeping in the next room.

Rajesh Talwar in his NOIDA clinic. a close friend of Dr. Rajesh Talwar. It was felt that Krishna alongwith his other Nepali friends might have committed the crime to take revenge against Dr. Rajesh Talwar. Krishna and Raj Kumar were Nepalis known to Hemraj and had access to the home of Dr. their possible role in the crime was investigated. There is no evidence against the servants except the Narco Test which was not reliable. Ther is no evidence that Krishna was woken up in the morning after the crime by the Police and Landlord K. There was no interaction on telephone between any of the servants on that day or physical meeting between them.

Servants would not have the guts to assemble at the house of Dr. Talwar when doth the doctors were present in the house. Presence of Raj Kumar has been explained upto 12. Praful Durrani to fetch Dr. Anita Durrani. They had reached home at around 11.30 when Raj Kumar had prepared a meal for Dr.00 in the night due to her fast. They went to sleep at around 12.30 in the night.

it is impossible for him to have reached the scene of crime within the estimated time of assault. The Watchmen manning the gate of the Society at both the places did not see any movement of Rajkumar on that night. Rajkumar did not run away when Krishna was arrested even though he had the opportunity to do so. Name of Vijay Mandal did not figure in the Narco Test. xvii. xviii. The custodial interrogation of all the three suspects did not reveal any important discrepancies. Nupur Talwar have stated that they used to lock the bedroom of Aarushi during the night. could have been opened only either by Aarushi herself from inside or by the parents of Aarushi from outside by using the keys. ii) The scene of crime was heavily dressed up which could only have been done by the parents.

v) Refused to identify the dead body of Hemraj when it was found on the terrace. vii) Statement of Shri K. x) Just before the postmortem was to begin, Dinesh Talwar made Dr. AIIMS< New Delhi which shows a clear attempt to influence the doctor during the postmortem. However there are a number of critical and serious gaps in the circumstances which make it difficult to string together the sequence of events and motive behind the gruesome murder. Despite best efforts by investigating team, Rajesh Talwar, Nupur Talwar was wearing in the photograph taken by Aarushi in the night of the incident were seized by CBI but no blood was found during forensic examination. There is no evidence to explain the finger prints on the scotch bottle (which were found along with blood stains of both the victims on the bottle).

Therefore, their statements regarding movement of persons may not be foolproof. viii. Scientific tests on Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar, in the commission of crime. There is no evidence to explain the presence of Hemraj’s mobile in Punjab after murder. The offence has occurred in an enclosed flat hence no eye witnesses are available. xiii.

the sheet on which Hemraj was carried and dragged on the roof, New Delhi” said Molla, more than 15 years after he was first listed as being of doubtful citizenship. His father’s land records dated back to 1938. including 5.5 million people–Molla was one of them–anxious to prove they were here before 24 March, otherwise I will be legalising everyone who is illegal, some people may have given nicknames, that is enough.

as was the case with Samad Ali alias Abdul Samad. IndiaSpend asked Hajela, which will supersede the arbitrary sweeps of the border police and the fallibilities of foreigners’ tribunals? “They are either prone to re-enter voluntarily from a different porous stretch or pushed back into India by Bangladeshi border guards. That diplomatic process precludes the possibility of millions of Bangladeshis–even if they were identified as such–being deported. “Moti, “Yes,

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