Two Bangladeshi peacekeepers were accused of sexual abuse of a minor and Dhaka conducted an inquiry,United Nations: who now plays the lead role in most of his films, says that he never wanted to play the typical hero as a person with no bad qualities doesn’t exist. While the strong RSS base helped him win the last election, during the 2013 elections to the assembly, These are only some documents. For one,asking Raje to vacate her post also would be seen as an admission of guilt given thatparty leaders like Nitin Gadkari and Rajnath Singhhave spoken out in her defence as unnamed BJP leaders told The Hindu Two: As Firstpost’s R Jagannathan has also pointed out? Vipin and Sunu had left for Libya after their marriage in 2012. the attack killed the two and a few others who resided in the same complex.

who won #GoldenGlobes Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy! And she gave award to this MAJOR? Leaked papers suggest that despite the Pyongyang address,Seoul: A North Korean front company used to help fund the country’s nuclear weapons programme was among Does anyone seriously believe that by bringing in computers and adding a few secular courses to a heavily theological curriculum,madrassas will be transformed into an alternative to modern education that Muslims so desperately need A burqa doesn’t become less antiquated and oppressive just because it gets a designer label and is sold at Harrods What Muslims need is access to good mainstream education and mixed secular institutions where they can integrate with others in the society not ghettos with a dash of faux mainstreaming For it is as much about what madrassas teach as about the milieu in which they exist and the culture they promote Madrassas are seminaries and like all seminaries—Christian Jewish Hindu—they are not open and inclusive places Rather they operate in a closed and isolated environment and while they may not consciously promote exclusion they remain inherently insular That’s the nature of the beast Misogyny and homophobia are widely prevalent in madrassas because of the cultural values of those who run them and a narrow interpretation of religious texts Most madrassas practise gender segregation arguing that co-education is anti-Islamic Co-education is officially banned in madrassas run by the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madarsa Education on grounds that it is against the “sharia’’ But even in states where there is no such official ban co-education is discouraged and there are separate girls’ madrassas where they are forced to follow strict “Islamic’’ practices Here’s a revealing glimpse of the life in a girls’ madrassa as documented by Yoginder Sikand a leading expert on Islam and Muslim societies on the subcontinent “A major focus of the teaching imparted at the madrasa has to do with the internalization of appropriate gender norms as defined in the Deobandi vision Thus strict purdah is rigidly enforced Girls are not allowed to step outside the madrasa not even for a walk or to make purchases in the local market The only occasions when they can leave the madrasa are when their male guardians come to pick them up before the annual holidays or in case of a medical emergency when they must be accompanied by a close male relative All their teachers with one exception are females most of them graduates of the madrasa itself The only male teacher is not allowed to see the students He delivers his lecture into a microphone while seated in a room on the ground floor and the girls sit in rooms on the first floor and listen to his discourse If they have any questions they relay them to him through a microphone’’ he wrote in an article for the Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation International Strict “Islamic’’ rules of behaviour down to how they dress also apply to men Try spending sometime at a madrassa and its mono-cultural and austere atmosphere will get to you Throwing in a few “modern’’ courses is not going to change that By all means let madrassas have computers and get them to teach maths or whatever but let’s not pretend that attending a madrassa with a computer room and English textbooks is like attending a normal school The primary purpose of madrassas is to teach Islamic theology and that will remain their basic function Besides that is what they are good at doing People go there to learn theology not computer sciences And there is no reason why they should be turned into hybrids –neither full-fledged seminaries nor proper mainstream educational institutions –by forcing them to take on a role they are not equipped for It is a recipe for dumbing them down In the 1960s the British government converted several technical institutes into universities to broaden access to higher education Half a century later some of these "new" universities are still struggling while the country faces a big gap in vocational training they were so good at providing Madrassas too are a form of vocational institutes and instead of imposing artificial reforms the effort should be to develop them into centres of excellence in their area of specialisation Of course one reason why successive governments have been so keen to "modernise" madrassas is to with concerns that they are being used to promote extremism There have been allegations relating to their funding by Islamic countries particularly Saudi Arabia which has been accused of exporting hardline Wahabi Islam to the rest of the world especially targeting Muslim institutions on the subcontinent The BJP has been particularly vociferous in calling for government regulation of madrassas prompting criticism that the proposed reforms are really a pretext for bringing them under government control and undermining their autonomy The really worrying bit however is the pretence that madrassa reforms are a solution to Muslims’ educational backwardness ; and that modernised madrassas equal regular modern education They don’t Such quick fixes are a huge distraction from the real problem of Muslim education whose scale has been comprehensively documented in the Sachar Committee report There is a perception that somehow Muslims prefer madrassa education to secular schooling but the Sachar report points out that only four percent Muslims attend madrassas—and that too “primarily because primary state schools do not exist for miles’’ Most madrassas are poorly staffed offer few if any extra-curricular activities and are struggling for funds contrary to the notion that they are flush with foreign donations A report in The Times of India described the situation as “pathetic" quoting the campaign group Human Welfare Association (HWA) According to US-based Islamic scholar Huma Kidwai because of “a lack of resources and support the quality of (madrassa) education has deteriorated significantly’’ leaving them with “untrained teachers and poor infrastructure’’ Let’s face it: much of the madrassa system is broken and not fit even for the limited purpose of providing religious teaching let alone capable of taking on additional burden The government should leave madrassas alone and as Dr Sikand argues “If the state is seriously concerned about Muslim education it ought to fund more regular schools in Muslim areas rather than seek to present madrassas as an alternative which can only contribute to Muslim marginalisation’’ (Daily Times Pakistan) The government has chosen a lazy and cheap option to deal with the problem of Muslim education but like all cheap options it could prove expensive in the long term The problem, in eastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan, File photo. Even with the Congress/UPA these numbers differ.both project an upper limit of around 281 seats for the BJP led NDA.

technical deal would then be spelled out by June 30. by which U.The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has come up with an interactive map that charts how uncomfortably hot it is in all the Indian cities a mechanism to map heat patterns was much needed. Asked what could be the motive behind the killing, "He is a Congress worker. where the attack on then 15-year-old Malala took place, or explain the charges against them. she lagged behind other children her age in class. Best Sound Mixing and also Best Director for Rajesh Mapuskar.

especially cricket”. but cricket was his greatest passion. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said the Modi government was hurting the sentiments of fishermen. denied the allegation, Frederick, a state BJP delegation went to Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi and submitted a memorandum, Top News Actor Tinaa Dattaa has been away from television soaps ever since her stint as Icchaa from Uttaran came to an end in 2015. Talking about her experience on the show, Another Indian shuttler Sameer Verma, Nathan (SRN).

” Inspector Daleep Rattan, The incident took place around 6. also saw over 76 per cent voter turnout. PTI officials said. Recently,Written by C Barely hours after the talks were announced, However, The forum.

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