first_imgMay 7, 20190 Comments Blog First-time flyer in China opens emergency exit because he didn’t want to waitcenter_img An elderly man opened a plane’s emergency door because he did not want to wait in line to disembark.An elderly man has been arrested in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong, after he opened an emergency exit as the plane sat on the tarmac.The passenger, who claims to be a first-time flyer, thought he found a clever way to skip the queue to disembark.As the man was sat in the emergency exit row, he believed he could simply open the door beside him and hop out.Identified by local media as Song, he said he wasn’t aware that opening an emergency exit for this purpose was not permitted.The incident occurred in late April on a Shandong Airlines flight from Jinan to Zhoushan.Fortunately for the other passengers on board, the incident didn’t bring about any major delays.The 65-year-old was arrested and detained for ten days under Article 34 of the Public Security Administration Punishment Law.last_img

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