first_imgStay on target Once Upon a Time Builds Fun Lore Around a Seattle LandmarkOnce Upon a Time’s Final Battle Was the Happiest Ending After the end of last week’s episode, it looked like trouble was heading for Storybrooke. Suddenly, there were two villains running around. Would the Evil Queen and Gideon work together? Would Emma and Regina be forced to handle each threat alone, putting themselves in greater danger? As it turns out, no. As it turns out, it only took one episode for Regina to deal with her evil half for good.The flashbacks this time around gave us some backstory about the Evil Queen. Back in the Enchanted Forest, she was conducting raids for Snow White. Tinkerbell appeared and offered her a different path. She offers her a way to find her true love instead of focusing on hate. The Queen scoffs at the idea but spares Tinkerbell to prove that she does love her people. We soon find out that Tinkerbell isn’t the only person who thinks the Evil Queen needs to get… love. Her father says he’s found a way to find Snow White, but it turns out he’s been working with Tinkerbell. He leads her to Cupid’s arrow, which will lead her to the person she loves most. Jeez dad, mind your own business.The Evil Queen has no time for love but realizes that love and hate are closely related. She corrupts cupid’s arrow and directs it to find the person she hates most. She’s outraged when the arrow heads straight for the castle. How dare Snow White rob her while she’s away? But Snow is not in the castle. The arrow led the Evil Queen to her own mirror. That’s pretty harsh.Tony Perez as Prince Henry, Lana Parilla as the Evil Queen (Photo: ABC/Jack Rowand)Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, the Evil Queen and Robin are working together to escape. Robin wants to go to New York, but as filming there is expensive, the Queen has a better idea. She’ll send him back to the Wish world she created. At least he knew who he was back there. He agrees, but there’s something he has to do first. The Queen brings him to a graveyard and instructs him to start digging. That seems uncharacteristically dark for Once Upon a Time, but it turns out Robin is just digging up a small box. Inside are the sheers that can separate a person from their fate. Remember those? From all the way back in the fall? The Queen reveals her plan is to sever her connection with Regina. That would allow The Queen to kill Regina without dying herself.Elsewhere, everyone is fawning over Emma’s ring, but the engagement doesn’t last too long. Because this show loves to torture Captain Swan fans, the engagement is called off less than a single episode after the proposal happens. Hook, while saying goodbye to Captain Nemo (oh yeah, he’s been hanging around Storybrooke this whole time), shares his troubles about the secret he’s been keeping from his fiance. Nemo, like literally everyone else in town he’s talked to about this, says he should be honest with her. So of course, he does the opposite. He puts the memory in a dreamcatcher and Emma catches him trying to burn it. To no one’s surprise, she is less angry about Hook’s past but furious that he tried to hide it from her. Because he didn’t trust her enough, to be honest, she gives the ring back.Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Back in the more interesting part of Storybrooke, we finally get to the big Evil Queen vs. Regina battle. The Queen, who has sent Robin back to the Wish realm, confronts Regina and severs the bond between them. A short, fun swordfight ensues with the two women magically throwing each other across the room. Regina traps the Evil Queen and takes her heart out. Just as she’s about to crush it, she sees herself in the broken mirror, tying in nicely with the flashback. Rather than becoming a person she hates again, she takes out her own heart and presses the two together. Regina trades some love for some hate, effectively making the Evil Queen and Regina, the same person in different costumes.They convince the rest of the town to give the Queen a second chance, and Henry uses his author powers to give her a happy ending. He sends her to a place where “she could get a fresh start.” That turns out to be the Wish realm with Robin. She finds herself outside the bar where Robin is drinking. She sits down at his table, and he offers to buy him a drink. Will she return as a villain? It’s possible, but for now, she has her happy ending. At least some version of Regina gets to end up with Robin.Sadly, the same can’t be said for Hook and Emma just yet. Hook moves his stuff out of Emma’s house and prepares to join Captain Nemo on the Nautilus while he figures things out. Just as he’s about to board, Deus Ex Snow White appears to tell him what’s been going on with the Queen and Regina. She reminds him that love can fix anything and Hook decides to stay in Storybrooke. Unfortunately, when he tells Captain Nemo of his decision, the Nautilus submerges unexpectedly. Gideon (oh yeah, he’s still here) appears and reveals he gave the order for the Nautilus to ship out. For what he’s planning, Hook can’t be with Emma. Jerk.Giles Matthey as Gideon. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)After two fun, exciting Once Upon a Time episode in a row, this week’s was a letdown. The flashbacks didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, and the entire episode felt like it was just here to get the Evil Queen out of the way. Gideon is the main villain of the season now, and even in snake form, the Queen was just a distraction. The problem was it all felt too easy. The Evil Queen comes back, and in one episode, they find a simple solution that makes everybody happy. I hope she doesn’t come back as a villain in the future. Now that she and Regina appear to be the exact same person, she’s a lot less interesting. The focus on getting the Evil Queen business squared away also pushed the Hook-Emma story into the background. Their breakup should have been a bigger deal. Instead, it was a minor detour before we got back to the episode’s main plot. Let’s hope that the return of Aladdin and Jasmine will get things back on track next week.last_img

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