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How to maximize the benefits of WeChat

, according to many WeChat operators, admits, "I don’t know what WeChat is going to make." but there are thousands of users who sign up for public numbers every day. It’s obvious that the two are a bit contradictory. We all go to WeChat public number this circle inside drill, that shows that this is a piece of fat, but we did not properly study the specific profit model. Now we each have a habit, that is to get up every day, lunch time, will not consciously open WeChat QQ see the circle of friends, this has become a disease we 80, 90. read more


Data analysis from the collection of Tencent micro blog 10 industry TOP10

engaged in editorial work for more than a year, what did the data collection and analysis from did not go, often only in the Baidu search, share the experience of others in Sogou search, also cannot really feel they have the honor to participate in the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, 28 to push the 2 phase of training, the second phase of the task is data collection and analysis, I the group’s task is to collect the Tencent micro-blog 10 industry TOP10, I realized that the process analysis of a data collection and data. read more


like collecting and copying websites but have a unique skill

first thing to say is that we are bound to original, can not give up, many new Adsense blindly copying with nothing, you a new station with CMS collection system with no what use acquisition for small and medium-sized station which is very normal, why people can go collection included and snapshots, you become K is the object and the object of


acquisition of course there will be many site owners will use a good tool to collect, specifically what I don’t know, they collected a lot, such as Admin5, each a good article once they are acquisition gone and has been Baidu’s identity that is why, because people have enough weight enough became a famous site, it is a condition of course! I do not know that the right. read more


Brief history of operation a text to understand the 20 years of development and evolution of nterne


/ yellow gem (Fan Xiaojun is also the paper collecting a lot of data, and have written part of the



"operation" is an interesting thing.

As one of the most popular work functions in the Internet industry,

is often called a big "metaphysics"".

on the one hand, its position and weight are getting higher and higher; on the other hand, it seems very vague, and it seems that few people can really tell what is "operation" in the true sense. read more


ndependent blog development seven by adhering to

blog, the concept of the words in my blog I do this before you know, it is to use your own domain name, content management program of your choice, and then buy their own host space built blog, compared to Sina blog, Sohu and NetEase such as BSP blog blog blog, have no match the advantage in freedom, it can control their own domain name, it is equivalent to the control of their own brand; it can control the display style, fully customize their styles, do not have to buy accessories like QQ space; complete control of their own host space, the host is to buy their own independent blog the free space is now too hungry, if the blog is too slow, you can buy a good point, but can even choose the country in which. read more


Half a year to do station experience

April 24th, my Internet cafe union station. Since then, every day about 5 articles updated, I do Internet technology and information integration of the release station. Because just opened the station, from time to time to open the home flow statistics. In the first week of the week, IP hovered around two figures.

I’m in the Internet business. I have many friends from the same trade. Everyone in order to improve the popularity of the station, but also spent a lot of effort to help me publicity. Ha-ha。 Or the harvest is pretty big. A month down, IP guarantee about 500, PR also rose to 2. Six months later, IP reached several thousand, PR amounted to 4, Baidu included thousands. The article continues to be updated every day, mostly with its own experience, experience and modifications. read more


Create network wealth through hobbies


wants to make money through the network, it is difficult to say, but also to need efforts and patience. I contact the network is also from 2003, that is, the rise of China’s Internet cafes in the era of it. It was also the first young man to contact the computer network in 80s. The network has been obsessed with, at first only know online game fun, then open website, is also driven by interest! Now age is 24~25, when the business, so want to be engaged in Internet business, to create their own wealth through the network. read more


Liu Xinming PHP programmers who have been as impetuous as have been

in 2012, I decided to start blogging. For nothing else, I hope I can blog about my growth and hope to help some of my brothers and sisters who have just graduated. We are a group full of impulsive, complaining, confused procedures ape, think about 3 years, so the past, the society has become more impetuous, and pear is also growing, the house, the car, women?… Crazy… Decided to write such an article, once again clear their occupation planning, also gave the impetuous you, set foot on the road is Bob road hard, boring, boring, in here of their own learning experience, is currently planning to list. Hope to be of some help to you. read more


Brief analysis of 2 years’ operation experience of mechanical product website

said, "I’m not afraid of jokes," the company’s mechanical products station, 2 years, nearly 3 months before the turnaround. During the period, the site’s SEO has also done well, the main keywords, parking spaces, locks, etc. are ranked in the home page of Baidu, and so on, many of its bidding ads are Samsung, and its thesaurus and creativity is definitely ahead of most of the peer. But the problem is that the company is unprofitable and has been losing money for 2 years. Below, the author will talk about these 2 years of some experience, I hope useful to you. read more


A failure to operate the local community webmaster aspirations

September 1, 2009, this is a very special day for me. My first website, Jiangcheng net (then called Jiangcheng Forum), was formally launched. I also from that time began to join the legend of the legendary dream industry. From an electrical and mechanical engineering graduates began an alternative employment path. Perhaps in other people’s eyes, my choice is a bit crazy, a little nervous. But sometimes the choice is like this. Once you choose, don’t give up easily. Because in the past 4 years, from a network to a blind now able to feed my occupation station. I still cherish the original dream, continue to walk in the webmaster’s road. Today I would like to talk about my failure to operate local communities in the past few years. read more