How to carry out the web image search optimization

first look at a simple example. For the love of Shanghai search, we first search the word "Li Bingbing", click to love Shanghai pictures, you can see is like this:

1, ranking and site keywords ranking is a bit different, the picture is not a show, but there are many lined up together, and this needs to be done. Do look good and beautiful, attractive, everyone’s aesthetic is not the same, mapping long period of training, but also pay attention to the picture must be clear and creative hd. read more


Love Shanghai’s new blue sky algorithm is what

algorithmFollowing the

algorithm and the algorithm of the blue sky before what is the difference?

?What is the

and a little before and after the launch of sky algorithm, algorithm, we can report, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform even opened the reporting channels, in such a strict algorithm, is very difficult to have a fish escaped through the Seine.

3. once the site is identified to the sale of soft, the search engine will greatly reduce the crawl.

4. different


the blue sky? read more


The inside pages included stagnant whether you consider the following fatal reasons

keyword density is higher, more conducive to achieving a better keyword ranking, but with the search engine algorithm is more and more intelligent, meaningless words stacked but will let you catch the chicken not eclipse the rice, often after the keyword search engine recognition to the website of the stack, will drop right to punish sites included in the site will also stagnate. As shown in the figure below we see an example of keyword stuffing.

search engines sometimes may also be because misjudgment leads to stop included our site, but the vast majority of cases are all factors from our own, you need to consider those from their own adverse factors lead to hinder your search engine. Especially in some of the details, the author from the four fatal factors of their own experience to talk about them. read more


How to deal with the love of Shanghai recently several times a day the ranking changes

first, I feel is not going to cheat, especially with some brush keywords software, yesterday I have a station is to try, result, today the overall drop right, although the station is a new station, home is just, that we can’t go to the test, but it also proved that certain will punish the site recently, don’t do this, I can give you a look at the screenshot, it is.

we look at this station, this station in the application of science and technology, I was with the so-called software brush brush, so the results, down to the last one, there are some of my friend’s website, are now gone, a few days ago is to brush up, so I built you stop, look at tomorrow. There is a station optimization is also not too, because they are sensitive, firmly say, a few days ago I had an old name for a new program, the result today was down the right, look like the old domain name also unfortunately free. read more


How to build the website for search engine optimization in Shanghai and Phoenix

Shanghai dragon

website optimization is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng included

1. quality content construction. The author thinks that the key point is not pure, the original is not important, even if the original is false to let search engine that is the original. Of course.

How to optimize the

website optimization of the search engine oriented promotion means is not from the day to get everyone attention. Many sites are known on the site has been in operation period, and the Shanghai dragon optimization. Of course there are more on the site before the site is built considering will be used to optimize the site of the Shanghai dragon. This paper will introduce how to build on the site before the establishment of the website for search engine. read more


How to improve the skills of using classification information website ranking

information should be targeted and professional. The main products of the reaction kettle of our site, when the release of information, only for small processing enterprises, and introduces the reaction kettle, the entire production process, technical parameters, working principle and so on. In addition to appear as possible a few keywords, and not have to worry about keywords built by K. Finally, don’t forget to add the content in the website home page links. The benefits of doing so, first we look very professional, can. read more


Love Shanghai 2 update the webmaster Scindapsus algorithm to decide on what path to follow

How to do

is the external links from

decide on what path to follow?

Shanghai Er Shanghai today feel the dragon dragon is more and more difficult to do, because it is difficult to do, in order to stimulate the motivation of the webmaster, can let the webmaster think about how to innovate, how to make your own website out of the ordinary, in line with the search engine with the user’s habits. All is to copy and paste things, I think it is better to do a little of no value. The author suggests that the chain can start from these aspects: 1. big promotion of Shanghai now love a few soft outside the chain, then we have to change the direction, for example hair extension in the blog in the soft, can go to the information platform, see the good correlation of the article, use their own language to it to organize, add their own views, in the end can be released, with "the article source in × ×, reproduced please specify"; 2, and the weight is high, PR high correlation website is a chain, let the chain to drive us to stand with the weight flow. But this is easy to say, it is a bit difficult, I have to find a better than our site with the weight of PR high chain will spend much of the day; 3, you can find Associated Media to increase the visibility of our website. As in a relatively high visibility of the same industry website, because their website forum more, some busy section is empty, we can tell them to do for this forum is free, you can add a chain to Xuan > read more


Google analysis of traffic sources and how to realize them

webmaster friends know, visitors to your site the way mainly has three kinds: direct traffic, search engine promotion and links. If you know your site where tourists mainly come from, and can accurately identify the field, then this is the realization of Shanghai Longfeng enhance the flow of great help.

refers to the visitors through a bookmark or directly enter the URL or by other means to our website, which is a direct source of visitor traffic, in order to realize the traffic sources of this type, we should set up a passenger on our website in the bookmark, for example "Bookmarks" button in a prominent place as long as the position of the page, click on will automatically join our web browser bookmarks, but if you want to maintain this bookmark, first of all we need to do is content to be quite good, from a user’s perspective this is an interesting web bookmarks, so they will visit click bookmark. read more


Site title description and keywords should be written

today to introduce title, description and keywords written in the three written on this issue, most cannot do without the "key words", for some veteran, a theory of experience or B2B experience of people, have considerable experience in this area, but for the novice. Keywords the sensitivity is far less than, how to exercise their sensitivity to keywords? Here for some experience, it is recommended that you add some Shanghai Longfeng, e-commerce exchange group, the exchange group you only as a listener, but not ordinary listeners, you need to learn in those veteran mouth caught keywords oneself want to learn, then through these words step by step, step by step learning. read more


How do the station outside the station and the link anchor text or hyperlinks

all stood outside the anchor text are the same, it may be doubted whether the group of cheating.

3, do stand inside the anchor text link, select the first keyword as anchor text.

"Beijing air ticket booking ticket booking" pointing to the home page.

we take this approach, refined "navigation"

this is an important signal, tell the search engines, your anchor text is a natural increase, instead of mass.

see the three key links page, their target keywords are the three anchor text. read more