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SURVEY: Why Canadians visit Burlington

first_imgChurch Street Marketplace RESEARCH REPORT: Intercept Interviews of French-Speaking Quebec visitorsLabor Day Weekend, 2008 (Friday, September 1 through Monday, September 4, 2008)Introduction: The Greater Montréal, Quebec Market: More than three and one-half million people live just two hours north of Burlington, Vermont. Montréal is Quebec’s largest city and Canada’s second largest next to Toronto. The 2007 Canadian Census (Statistics Canada, Population of census metropolitan areas), reported 1.6 million people residing in the city of Montréal proper. More than 3.6 million live in the Montréal Census Metropolitan Area (Greater Montréal Area). French is the language spoken by 70.5% of the population (as of the 2006 census). Montréal is the largest French-speaking city in North America; second in the world after Paris. (STATCAN)Understanding French-speaking Quebecois: French-speaking Quebecois’ consumer behavior reflects continental French lifestyles in many ways. In general, French-speaking Quebecois spend relatively more money on food for home consumption, clothing, personal care and health items, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages (versus other Canadians).Why do Quebecois visit and shop in Burlington? Taxes and variety. In Quebec, two taxes are applicable on goods and services: the GST (5% Goods and Services Tax) and the PST (7.9 5% Provincial Sales Tax). Whenever the Canadian dollar moves close to parity with our dollar, American goods (minus a GST and PST) offer Canadians a better value. The size of the US market also plays a part in Quebec’s attraction to Vermont and the U.S., as our national stores, in particular, can offer a greater variety and depth of products.French-speaking Quebecois on Church Street: French-speaking Quebecois have always frequented Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace. But cross-border shopping by all Canadians, according to Statistics Canada, began increasing “significantly” in the last half of 2007 as Canada’s dollar reached parity with the U.S. dollar. Businesses on the Church Street Marketplace witnessed a dramatic increase in Quebec shoppers and diners throughout the summer of 2008.Intercept Interviews with French-speaking Quebecers over Labor Day Weekend, 2008: The Church Street Marketplace conducted 80 intercept interviews of Quebec visitors on its Mall block, between Bank and Cherry Streets during Labor Day Weekend, 2008 – Friday, September 1 through Monday, September 4. Here are the results (Source Questions 1 & 2 below):QUESTION # 3 What is the purpose of your visit? Tourism and shopping were the two largest responses gathered. Many people said they came to Burlington for the day to shop, dine and explore.Airport (1)Ambience (1)Boating (1)Camping (4)Dining (3)Events: Burlington Criterium/Bicycle Race (2)Go to beach (1)Hockey tournament (1)Concert: @ Fairgrounds (1)On Motorcycle Tour (1)Outdoor Sports (2)Shopping (15)Tourism (52)Visit with Family, Friends (7)Wedding, relatives, etc. (1)QUESTION # 4.What specific purchases did you make? French-speaking Quebecois visiting September 1-4 were either brand conscious, coming to the Street to purchase specific clothing brands not available in Canada, or price conscious, seeking out lower prices and bargains.Abercrombie (4)Advertise pizza restaurantsAeropostale (2)Ann TaylorArt suppliesBanana Republic (3)Bargains (4)Barnes & NobleBCBG OutletBen & Jerry’sBirkenstockBooksBooks, Gardener’s supplyBordersCappucino, boating suppliesCheddar CheeseChicoClothes (7)Electronics storesEMSFoodFood at Farmer’s MarketFoot LockerGood prices (4)Groceries (2)Hardware ACEHollister (2)HurleyJ. CrewJC PenneyJewelry (2)Kiss the CookLevisLindt Chocolate (3)Lots of stores not found in CanadaMacy’s (6)Men’s clothingNorth Face (2)Not so sweet iced teaOutdoor Gear (3)School Supplies for kidsScuffer RestaurantShoesShopping (14)SouvenirsSouvenirsTeenage brandsTimberlandToys, BeddingVictoria’s secret (2)WaterfrontWomen’s Clothes Yankee CandleQUESTION 5What can we do different or better to encourage you to return? Following are comments from those individuals surveyed. While those surveyed often responded about a number topics, individual responses have been separated out and categorized to identify trends and priorities.a. WAYFINDING SIGNAGE / INFORMATION / INFO IN FRENCH: This category elicited the most responses. Respondents suggested more wayfinding signage, particularly getting to and around the downtown. Signage in French was viewed as recognition of and appreciation for French-speaking Quebecois in the downtown. Requests for regional information on Church Street (hiking, biking, recreation) were also identified.* Better sign for University Suites; run down hotel.* City is bicycle friendly* Maps of bike routes* Need bike path info* More educational signs about town* Improve signage to tell people how to get to Marketplace. Put in French* Information about North Beach on Church Street* Hiking info on Church Street* More French signs on Church Street* Put in cross reference maps in the parking garages so that visitors can find stores and services by category.* Need Walking tours* More signs in French; sales people who speak French* Make area map more user-friendly.b. PARKING & TRANSPORTATION* More garage parking so we don’t have to feed the meter* More parking; clearer direction markings in garages; cross reference maps on street corners so visitors can find stores by category.* Better & less expensive parking* No direct flights from Toronto to Burlington; would like info on busses between Burlington and Montréal ; Burlington & Toronto; Seems to be no coordination between trains, buses, etc.; Need an info clearing house for ground transportation.* Parking for motorhomes close to ferry. Forced to park in Williston; a lot of confusion with recreational vehicles, lost market.* shuttle bus from Colchester to Church Street* parking is well organized; shuttle buses are a help.* Border crossing long; like it here, safe and close by; like the ferry crossingc. RETAIL: Respondents who came to shop were looking for trendy, national brands, good prices and later store hours. Because each retail store on Church Street sets its own business hours, the Street as a whole does not offer the customer uniform hours.)* More chain stores* Stores close too early for Montréalers, even on Saturday* Prices are higher than expected; would like to see lower prices* Tax discount provided in store for being Canadian; 11% at Macy’s who files for tax refund later with Canada* More stores for clothing; more trendy brandsd. ACCOMMODATIONS: Comments received focused on the need for more hotel rooms with lower prices.* Motels expensive and dirty* Need more hotel rooms;* Hotels; too expensive* Would like lower hotel costs; like that you are doing surveye. DINING* More seafood restaurants; not expensive at water’s edge* Need restaurant recommendations* Put in a fried dough stand* Website confusing for Burlington; prices not posted for hotels; map of Burlington on website.* Need Menus in French* Heat Breakwaters for a longer season with outdoor heaters.f. EXCHANGE RATE: For those Labor Day respondents who identified the exchange rate as important, they asked for greater acceptance of the Canadian dollar by Church Street merchants.* Some felt we should accept the Canadian dollar at par;* Many felt that all stores should accept Canadian dollars and calculate the exchange rate as necessary.* Some were quite offended that that was not the case.* Increase acceptance/recognition of Canadian dollar;Many merchants we’ve spoken to after this survey said accepting Canadian at par is problematic; they’re not willing to absorb any losses. This may be due in part to contracting profit margins.g. PUBLIC RESTROOMS* Need more public restrooms, better marked locations* Need street corner rest roomsh. SAFETY: Safe and Non-Threatening. Those who participated in focus groups in Boston and Montreal, as part of the 2007 Burlington Branding Study, described Burlington as safe, non-threatening, and manageable: almost like ‘a city outside America’ and ‘more Canadian’ than even Americanized Toronto.i. PARKS* Need a Downtown playground for children to use while parents shop.* Love the dog parkGENERAL COMMENTS from the Labor Day, 2008 Interviews:* Don’t change. Love the small town feel compared to Montréal. Rural areas are so close by. Love how authentic you are (4 responses compressed, combined)* Need a room-finder service for hotels.* Need Information for vacationing in this country;* Need more Canadian flags displayed as well as discounts, free stuff, Quebec music, teen stuff, giveaways.* Great visit* Happy (21 similar responses)* Good prices* Like the happy, polite sales staff* Just got here. Like the ambience. The “un-Montréal .”* Keep it like it is; Like it fine as is; Like it here; quiet like the beach* Love farmer’s market; friendly, open attitude.* Love the friendly atmosphere of the street; Love the opportunity to sit outside in a clean, safe, fun environment. Street entertainers are excellent; Love the pedestrian mall and all the street vendors* No changes. Like how friendly and informal it is compared to Montréal* Regular visitors once a year* Very happy, love the bilingual signs as a gesture of friendshipTo assist our primary audience- business owners and managers on Church Street who are selling to our Quebec visitors – this report includes excerpts from the 2007 branding study, conducted by Charism Advisors for the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce. These findings both validate the Labor Day survey and provide guidance on marketing to French-speaking Quebecers.* Montréalers want to think of Burlington as different: a border crossing to a ‘whole new world.’ For Montréalers: Burlington is a world away, but very accessible. It is the architecture, signage, landscape (“It’s massive,” green, clean, open, wide angle), food, and customs. Burlington is about great shopping. Stores they can’t get in Montréal (Victoria’s Secret) and “great deals.” It can be a stopping off point en route to Southern New England or destination in itself.* Burlington as a Get Away: According to the Branding Study, Montréalers think of Burlington as a “get away” — a place that allows urbanites to escape to the country and to town. Burlington offers escape and relaxation, even while enjoying it’s more urban-like dimensions (food, art, design, music, relative sophistication).* Escape, not Retreat: Quaint and charming came up frequently in focus groups, particularly in reference to Church Street, Inns, and residential architecture. A Montréaler in a focus group said, “It really looks like that!” There is a fantasy, picture-postcard aspect Burlington. It is an escape, but not a retreat. This differentiates Burlington from smaller more rural destinations.* Authenticity: People coming to Burlington are searching for a simpler, cleaner, greener, slower place that is also living, real, contemporaneous, and vital.* Acceptance: Chill not Frosty: Montreal and Boston focus groups described Burlington as welcoming, non-judgmental, supportive, and collaborative. As one Montréaler said, people are chill (vs. “frosty”), and mind their own business. But, when you talk to them or ask for help they are very nice. Being respectfully distant while collaborative, supportive, and accepting of all opinions and lifestyles, creates a very positive climate for our visitors, according to the study.SOURCE QUESTIONS:1. What is your POSTAL CODE? The majority of those visiting from September 1-4 were from Montréal and suburbs south of the city. A smaller portion of those visiting were from the Eastern Townships G0A1H0, Quebec City, QC G1E5M7, Beauport, QC G1L1B1, Quebec City G5Y3R2, St.-Georges-Est, QC G6T5K4, Victoriaville, QC G6V8Z2, Levis, QC H1K4L7, Montréal, QC H1P2N5, Saint-Leonard, QC H1P3E9, Saint-Leonard, QC H2B2P5, Montréal, QC H2B2V9, Montréal, QC H2E1M3, Montréal, QC H2E2Z1, Montréal, QC H2G2H1, Montréal, QC H2V3W1, Outremont, QC H2X3R4, Montréal, QC H3H1H5, Montréal , QC H3P2J3, Mont-Royal, QC H3R2N7 Mont-Royal, QC H3Y2K9, Westmount, QC H3Y2T5, Westmount, QC H3Y3A4, Westmount, QC H3Z1M2, Westmount, QC H4A1H1, Montréal, QC H4A1L8, Montréal, QC H4A3N3, Montréal, QC H4B1Z2, Montréal, QC H4B2W4, Montréal, QC H4H1B5, Verdun, QC H4V1B2, Cote Saint-Luc, QC H4W3H8, Côte-Saint-Luc, QC H7M3B5, Laval, QCH7M5Z2, Laval, QCH7N1B5, Laval, QCH7W4R4, Laval, QCH7X1M2, Laval, QCH8Y2W8, Roxboro, QCH9G2O7, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QCH9H4Z5, Kirkland, QCH9W4R5, Beaconsfield, QCJ0E1A0, Abbotsford, QCJ0E1M0, Dunham, QCJ0E2L0, Valcourt, QCJ0L1B0, Kahnawake, QCJ2K2L6, Cowansville, QCJ3H6J8, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QCJ3L5W1, Chambly, QCJ3P5N3, Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, QCJ3Y8G8, Saint-Hubert, QCJ4B5S9, Boucherville, QCJ4B8L8, Boucherville, QCJ4G2L2, Longueuil, QCJ4H3G4, Longueuil, QCJ4K2T8, Longueuil, QCJ7R5M1, Saint-Eustache, QCJ7V0G4, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QCK1C1C6, OntarioK1R0A2, OntarioL3P2T5, OntarioL9H2B1, OntarioM2R3E7, OntarioV8S3V4, British ColumbiaV9T4M3, British ColumbiaQUESTION # 2 Description of party: men, women, children: Surveyers asked respondents for the total number of people in their party including men, women and children. We were not specific about age of adults or children. Largest percentages of visitors were women; this may be due to the Street’s dominance in women’s apparel and accessories. Total PercentagesMen/Hommes 96 38%Women/Femmes 117 46%Children/Enfants 40 16%*Total number of people in party surveyed. 253 100%Additional Sources:* Statistics Canada; http://www.statcan.ca/menu-en.htm(link is external)* Bank of Montreal: The State of Retail in Canada:http://www4.bmo.com/popup/0,2284,35490_15688524,00.html(link is external)* Promoting consumer goods and services in Quebec, Canada’s distinct, French-speaking market Business America, Nov 1, 1993 by Julie Snyder. Copyright 1993 U.S. Government Printing Office; Copyright 2004 Gale Group;* Burlington Branding Study, Charism Advisors, January, 2007.Prepared by Ron Redmond, Executive Director, Church Street Marketplace District; Edited by Scott Hendrickson.last_img read more


Key details of German coal phase-out plan still to be finalized as deadline looms

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Clean Energy Wire:Germany’s detailed coal exit path and the end-date to coal-fired power generation remain unknown only days before a highly anticipated phase-out proposal is due to be published. A leaked draft of the final report of the country’s coal commission seen by the Clean Energy Wire suggests agreements on compensation for coal plant operators, support for affected mining regions, and measures to shield consumers from rising power prices. The draft also refers to Germany’s 2030 emission reduction targets for the energy sector as a guideline for the exit in accordance with its mandate. But the most pressing details from a climate perspective still need to be thrashed out during a marathon session scheduled for Friday 25 January: How many coal-fired power plants will go offline in the near future, and when will the last one be switched off?The draft document runs to 133 pages, and contains only five pages where details still need to be settled – but these concern a plan for coal power plant closures. Passages detailing the exit path are still littered with empty brackets “[XX]” that need to be filled with dates and coal power plant capacities following the final round of negotiations. The draft also doesn’t specify whether the embattled Hambach Forest, which has become a symbol for anti-coal activism in Germany and beyond, will be preserved.Germany’s coal exit commission was set up to find economic prospects for coal workers and regions before spelling out measures to reduce carbon emissions in line with Germany’s climate targets, and naming an end date for coal-fired power production, the most prominent blemish on the former climate action pioneer’s emissions record. This order is reflected in its official title: “Commission on Growth, Structural Change and Employment.”Officially, the commission’s last meeting will take place on 1 February. But the task force hopes to wrap up negotiations on Friday 25 January, so a safety buffer remains in case a compromise can’t be reached by that date, sources close to the commission told the Clean Energy Wire.The coal commission’s proposal is not legally binding, but since the task force is backed by a large majority in parliament, the government is widely expected to follow its recommendations.From a climate policy perspective, the key issue is how many power stations Germany will switch off in the short term, because this will have the largest impact on the country’s total emissions over time compared to other measures. Seven of Europe’s ten most CO2-intensive power plants are located in Germany. Shutting these down early would save a lot of cumulated emissions over the years.More: German coal exit timetable to be settled in last minute talks Key details of German coal phase-out plan still to be finalized as deadline loomslast_img read more


Ten new ideas to help your credit union handle COVID-19

first_img continue reading » The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is escalating pretty quickly, both nationally and abroad. Between Ongoing Operations and CU 2.0, we’re seeing the challenges that credit unions are facing—and we’re getting ideas about how to fix them.Now that COVID-19 is officially a global pandemic, businesses and entire industries are taking precautions. Schools are closed, events are canceled, and some cities are even enforcing lockdowns. Credit unions are also feeling the pressure.But leadership and support in times like these are crucial. Yes, the credit union must stay safe… but it must also continue to serve its members—especially while their usual resources and support network are compromised.In conjunction with the business continuity planning experts at Ongoing Operations, we’d like to share ten new ideas to help your credit union handle COVID-19. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more


Open applications for the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities

first_imgThe UNESCO Network of Creative Cities (UCCN) was established in 2004 and seeks to strengthen cooperation among cities that have recognized creativity as a strategic factor in sustainable development in terms of economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects. More information, as well as an application guide and application form, can be found HERE. All cities of UNESCO member states and associate members can apply. There is no limit to the number of residents in the city who apply for membership in the Network. To apply, you need to access the documents listed on the official website and find out what it takes to make the city a creative city of the UNESCO network. The network today numbers 180 cities from 72 countries from all parts of the world. By joining the Network, cities acknowledge their commitment to sharing best practices, developing partnerships that promote creativity and cultural industries, strengthening participation in cultural life, and urban development plans. The UNESCO network of creative cities covers seven creative areas: crafts and folk art, design, film, gastronomy, literature, media arts and music. Incomplete applications or those received after that date will not be evaluated. Applications must be submitted in English or French.center_img Source / photo: Ministry of Tourism; UNESCO The application deadline is June 30, 2019, by midnight, and the names of the new Creative Cities for 2019 will be announced by the end of the year. On the website Creative Tourism Network a competition has been announced to join the UNESCO network of creative cities, and they are ready to assist potential applicants in submitting applications.last_img read more


Letters to the Editor for Thursday, May 23

first_imgIsrael honors victims by refusing to yieldSadly, Matt Oill and others of his ilk overlook the terrorist actions of the Palestinians: rockets into residential areas, suicide bombers, and, yes, raising their children to hate Israel and throw rocks and worse. Israel is reactive, not proactive. Hamas and other Palestinians attack Israel, including but not limited to peaceful citizens on buses, in cafes and in their homes. And their leaders misdirect funds and materials designed to improve the lot of their citizens, not only for rockets and bombs, but to build tunnels into Israel for kidnappings and attacks, with cement that could have built schools, hospitals and homes. These are funds that could have fed citizens and created jobs.If the Palestinians were to recognize Israel’s right to exist and stop their aggression, they could live in peace with Israel and all could prosper.The Holocaust gave rise to the expression “Never again.” Israel honors those who were murdered by refusing to yield to those who would destroy it, those who would destroy the only true democracy in the Middle East, where citizens of all faiths can live in peace if only allowed to do so.Bruce S. TrachtenbergNiskayuna Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionPut Liberty back, fix local traffic patternsEnough. Put Lady Liberty back on her pedestal.Mess around with the disaster that is the Eastbound Western Gateway Sidewalk wall/view stopper/dirt cyclone generator. Or, the idiocy that is the eastbound traffic from Washington Avenue attempting to move left, contending with three lanes of commuters and then clashing with the exiting GE/Mont Pleasant traffic off I-890 as that traffic descends, out of the sky, into a blind spot, with the intention of moving to a right-hand lane. All the while traveling, at varying speed, around a tight curve.I have at least six more suggestions for a remedial civil engineering class at Union, RPI, or HVCC to work on, if anyone cares.Dick CurtisSchenectady World is less better without Frank DuciThe world is a less better place with the loss of Frank Duci. I used to work with him downtown in GE in Building 55, and he always had a smile for everyone.I found him to be a man of his word. I used to play in a softball league when they had the diamonds in the park. They were in pretty bad shape. So I asked him if the city could do anything about them.He made a date with me to go and look at them. It was a super-hot day, but he said he would go. So he did, and he took his time and looked at all the fields. The next thing I knew, they were being repaired and much better to play on.When they were talking about limiting dogs to three per household, I explained to him that I had a state license that allowed me to have up to 10 dogs. So he invited me to the next town meeting that was to discuss the issue. The town dog catcher was there and she insisted that dogs cause dirt and cockroaches. I told her to come to my house and if she could find one cockroach, I would give her a year of my salary.Frank had the limit instituted and excepted individuals with state licenses.He was a really great guy and looked out for the people, especially the little guy. Like I said, the world is a less better place without him and too bad there aren’t more like him.He was always easy to reach if you needed to talk to him. Now with some people, they are just too busy to be bothered. So, all I can say is rest in peace, Frank.Wanda HunterSchenectadycenter_img Thanks to stranger who helped with tireOn May 16, the tire pressure light went on as I was taking my granddaughters to dinner. I stopped at Stewart’s on upper Union Street to fix the problem. As I was finishing, a man offered to check the tires with his gauge. I was so thankful for the help. It is heartwarming to know that this stranger was willing to take the time to help me.Valerie SantoSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homeslast_img read more


Results will ease Manchester United pressure, says Louis van Gaal

first_img Press Association Louis van Gaal believes the pressure is easing on Manchester United after they recorded their first win in nine matches. Wayne Rooney secured a welcome 2-1 victory over Swansea on Saturday with a clever backheel in the 77th minute. The United boss said his players had been left “angry” by their failure to win their previous eight matches – the club’s worst run in 26 years. Now Van Gaal hopes his squad will be able to play with more freedom after ending their rotten run. “I shall think that now the pressure is lowering, the performance shall be better every week,” the United manager said. “But that it also dependent on whether or not we score goals. And when we score goals and we create always chances.” Something of a siege mentality developed at Old Trafford during their slump. United’s players flatly denied they were not playing for their manager, who walked out of a press conference in a huff 11 days ago following reports he was about to be replaced by Jose Mourinho. And the playing staff were also angered by their own performances on the pitch, Van Gaal revealed. “They are very angry that we have lost so many games in a row,” he said. “They are not used to that, I’m not used to that, losing four matches in a row. Never, and I have been in this profession for 25 years. So it’s unusual and they are angry also and want to change the situation.” It would be wrong to suggest everything is rosy at Old Trafford, of course. Despite a change in formation, United were woefully dull for most of the first half against Swansea. The hosts did not register a shot on target until the 33rd minute and only two more weak efforts followed before the break. United have now failed to score in the first half of their last nine home matches. In a worrying statement for Van Gaal’s doubters, the Dutchman insisted his team played better in the first half than the second, when they found the net twice. And despite scoring 12 goals in 10 home league matches, Van Gaal claimed his players are going on the attack more at Old Trafford. “Always at home we are playing in a more attacking way, to please the fans also, because that is also the culture of Manchester United,” he said. “But you cannot always do that.” The game also helped ease the pressure on Rooney. The 30-year-old’s deft flick past Lukasz Fabianski meant he ended his two-and-a-half month goal drought and moved him past Denis Law into second in the club’s scoring charts. “He has played two fantastic games in a row,” said Van Gaal of Rooney, who was dropped for the Boxing Day defeat at Stoke. “He does everything we expect from him as a captain but also as a player and in what position he plays. “I hope that it can give a boost to him, because the goal was fantastic. “I am very happy for him and I hope it shall give him the boost he needs to continue.” Saturday’s game was the first time Anthony Martial had been on the same scoresheet as Rooney in the league. The Frenchman headed home Ashley Young’s cross to put United ahead before Gylfi Sigurdsson equalised with a looping header. The £36million forward then set up Rooney for the winner and Van Gaal wants the two to start scoring more often. “I hope (that is the case),” Van Gaal said. “Now Martial is playing on the left side again, and we have tried that before also, and Wayne in the striker’s position, but today we played also in another shape, so there are so many other aspects. “I have to say all the players do their utmost best and you can see that, but still there is still space for improvement.” last_img read more


Injury Forces Serena, Wozniacki out of Italian Open

first_imgFormer world number one Caroline Wozniacki also pulled out in Italy.Wozniacki, 28, withdrew from her first-round match against American Danielle Collins because of a leg injury, having lost the first set 7-6 (7-5).It is the second straight tournament at which the Dane has been forced to retire early on.She trailed 3-0 against Alize Cornet in the opening round of the Madrid Open earlier this month before pulling out with a back injury.American Collins, 25, will now play two-time Grand Slam winner Garbine Muguruza of Spain in the second round of the Italian Open today following Wozniacki’s withdrawal.“Obviously, I feel for Caroline, what she’s going through with her injuries,” said Collins.“It’s never fun to go out there and play against somebody that’s hurt, and dealing with that kind of pain. I was happy with the way I played, but it’s just not a fun situation.”Williams has also struggled with injury – pulling out of the Miami Open at the third-round stage in March, after a viral illness prevented her from competing in Indian Wells.The French Open tournament kicks off on 26 May and Williams is chasing her fourth title, while Wozniacki, a former Australian Open champion, has never gone beyond the quarter-final stage.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Twenty-three time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams plans to compete at the French Open despite withdrawing from the Italian Open with a knee injury.The American, 37, was set to play sister Venus Williams in the second round but said she would be “concentrating on rehab” now.“I look forward to seeing you all at the French Open and next year in Rome,” she added. Serena roars on the way to qualifying for Friday’s semi finals on Tuesday nightlast_img read more


Tyson Chandler officially signs with the Lakers

first_img Trail Blazers, Grizzlies advance to NBA play-in game; Suns, Spurs see playoff dreams dashed Trail Blazers beat Grizzlies in play-in, earn first-round series with the Lakers LeBRON STRESSES IMPORTANCE OF VOTINGAmericans surged to the polls on Tuesday, and the NBA was among the sports leagues that spearheaded a Get Out The Vote campaign with a video of NBA stars talking about the importance of voting.James also said it was important to vote, but he didn’t have to go down the street to do it. James told reporters he’s still registered in Ohio.“That’s where I’m from,” he said. “That’s where I live and that’s home for me.”James has been politically outspoken for several years, a genesis he traces to the shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012 when he played for the Miami Heat. Since then, he’s endorsed a number of political candidates, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He’s also feuded with President Donald Trump over video and social media channels.Last month, James wore a campaign hat for Beto O’Rourke, a Democratic candidate for senator in Texas, to a game in San Antonio. While he declined to delve deeper into candidates he supports in the midterm election cycle this year, he said he hoped people would vote.“It’s very important,” he said. “We always talk about we want change and then we get to this point and a lot of people don’t register and a lot of people don’t vote. But if we want change we have to have our voices and our boxes be checked for who we believe can make change. So, I’ve been pretty outspoken about it for quite a long time.”MOVING ON FROM RAPTORS LOSSAfter most games, the Lakers review the film as a team in the next practice. Not so with the 121-107 loss Sunday to the Toronto Raptors.“We toss it in the trash and move forward,” Walton said. “Our transition defense was terrible, offensively we weren’t running to our spots, spacing was off. We weren’t making the extra pass. Defensively, we were letting, on our individual defense we were letting blow-bys happen. We were late on rotations. It was an all-around just sloppy game to watch.”Related Articles Lakers practice early hoping to answer all questions EL SEGUNDO — Since the season began, it’s been obvious that the Lakers needed to bolster their frontcourt.The team took what it hopes will be a big step in the right direction on Tuesday afternoon, signing veteran center Tyson Chandler after he was bought out by the Phoenix Suns and cleared waivers. At 7-foot-1, Chandler is expected to fill an immediate need at backup center behind JaVale McGee.General Manager Rob Pelinka said in a statement that he, team president Magic Johnson and Coach Luke Walton had discussed adding rebounding and rim protection after watching the first 10 games of the season.“In Tyson Chandler, we addressed that need, and so much more,” he said. “We are excited that Tyson will bring championship-level experience to our Lakers team that will solidify our veteran leadership and help positively shape our young core. We are thrilled for Tyson to join us as we progress towards our ultimate goals as a team.” How athletes protesting the national anthem has evolved over 17 years center_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersChandler could join the team as early as Wednesday, pending a physical. ESPN reported that Chandler will be earning $2.1 million from the Lakers after the Suns bought out the remainder of his allotted $13.6 million salary for this season.Chandler, 36, is now the oldest Lakers player, as well as the most experienced. In his 18th NBA season, he’s made one All-Star team and has won one championship, helping the Mavericks defeat LeBron James’ Miami Heat team in 2011. Chandler also played for several incarnations of Team USA. Chandler made three All-Defense teams between 2011 and 2013, and was the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2012.While he’s at the tail end of his career, the Lakers believe Chandler could be invigorated by a larger role on a more competitive team, and they value his presence in the locker room.“We love the fact that we’re going to get another veteran,” James said over the weekend of Chandler. “A guy who plays hard, a guy who’s very smart and another champion to add to the champions that we have in this system here today, so and it adds depth in our frontcourt.”Chandler is an L.A. native who played at Dominguez High in Compton. He was twice named Mr. Basketball in California and was drafted No. 2 overall by the Clippers in 2001, but he never played for them after he and Brian Skinner were traded to the Chicago Bulls for Elton Brand. Walton said Tuesday’s practice was more physically taxing than normal, and the Lakers focused on running back in transition, which is foundational for all their defensive schemes.The Lakers are also focused on rebounding, which was an issue the last time the team played Minnesota. The Timberwolves had 20 offensive rebounds last week when they beat the Lakers. In the rematch on Wednesday at Staples Center, the players were resolute that they don’t want to get beat on the boards.“It’s about want to get the rebound,” James said. “Understanding that (when) we rebound, we are very good and we are going to do that.” Lakers, Clippers schedules set for first round of NBA playoffs Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more


FBI: Delray Man Accused of Recruiting Foster Children for Sex Trafficking Ring

first_imgA Delray Beach man is accused of running a sex trafficking ring for over a decade.The FBI says William Foster allegedly recruited underage girls from foster homes to become prostitutes in Palm Beach County who then crossed state lines. Investigators claim Foster used the money he made to start a business and a non-profit foster care organization dedicated to helping sex trafficking victims.The FBI believes he used the organization as a way to recruit girls. The FBI began its investigation in February 2017, when two women reported being recruited into Foster’s organization as teenagers about 10 years earlier.A third woman came forward in September, claiming she traveled from Fort Lauderdale with several of Foster’s girls to engage in sex at various strip clubs in the Detroit area.FBI Special Agent Kelly Cavey laid out the allegations in a 16-page federal complaint, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach.William Foster criminal complaintRead more here.last_img read more


DoorDash employee killed during robbery at Denny’s

first_imgAuthorities in Virginia are currently searching for two suspects who robbed a Denny’s and killed a DoorDash employee who entered the restaurant during the robbery.Officials say two masked men in their late teens or early 20’s entered the restaurant brandishing a gun and a baton around 2:20 am on December 26th.The suspects then demanded property from both employees and diners before shooting one of the customers in the leg and in the torso.As the suspects made their escape, a DoorDash employee by the name of Yusuf Ozgur attempted to enter the restaurant to pick up an order. He was then hit in the head by the suspect holding a baton before he was fatally shot by the suspect armed with a gun.When authorities arrived, they applied a tourniquet to the victim who was shot in the leg and the torso, however, Ozgur was pronounced dead at the scene.Surveillance video showing the men entering the restaurant wearing dark clothes, masks, and gloves has since been released to the public. The FBI and area police are offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the two suspects.last_img read more