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Confirmed: Brandon will undergo surgery on May 5

first_imgOnce he was operated on in Barcelona by Dr. Cugat, Brandon should be out for at least six months. What is still unknown is where he will carry out the rehabilitation exercises because his loan contract with Girona ends on June 30 and he will return to be an Osasuna player. Even if, if the rojiblanca entity achieves promotion to First it will automatically become the property of the Girona club until 2022 Because this was stipulated in his contract with a compulsory purchase clause. Brandon Thomas will go to the operating room next Tuesday, May 5. This has been confirmed this Sunday by Girona. After two postponements due to the coronavirus, the attacker will be He underwent a fracture in the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee with meniscus involvement that he suffered in training on March 11. After a long time of waiting, Brandon will go one step further in his goal of returning to the playing fields as soon as possible.Girona’s medical services have had almost daily contact with Brandon and weeks ago they informed him that the intention was for him to be operated on May 5. And this Sunday has received confirmation. The attacker has shown great mental strength during this time and has been able to patiently endure the date of his operation. The Covid-19 caused its intervention to be postponed up to two times (March 23 and April 2), but it never showed concern because “with everything that is happening it is not a priority.” In addition, far from it has he been unemployed during this time because he has made an individualized work plan under the supervision of the doctors from Girona and Osasuna, a club that owns his rights, with the aim that the postoperative period is not so painful and cut the recovery times. It has strengthened his damaged knee, his left, and his lower and upper muscles. Particular attention has also been paid to her right leg with exercises such as squats because for the next few months she will be the one with the most weight and strength.last_img read more