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2013 Emperor’s Challenge results

first_imgOf the 800 runners that took part in this year’s event, 34 percent came from Fort St. John, by far the most than any other community. Dawson Creek made up just over 19 percent of the race participants. More than half of the competitors were taking part in the Emporer’s Challenge for the very first time.Below are the Fort St. John, Taylor and Charlie Lake finishers from the half marathon men’s event:11. Deny Chramosta 01:50:45 Fort St. John24. Tate Haugan 01:59:32 Charlie Lake26. Dean Dickinson 02:04:57 Fort St. John30. Chris Jungen 02:05:44 Fort St. John35. Stephane Lefebvre 02:08:18 Fort St. John38. Calvin Jarratt 02:08:31 Fort St. John44. Jeffery Kruk 02:12:55 Fort St. John52. Jordan Koop 02:15:21 Fort St. John- Advertisement -77. Kevin Fell 02:22:37 Fort St. John80. Rick Brown 02:23:45 Fort St. John85. Rudy Heistad 02:25:06 Fort St. John94. Dave Lamothe 02:30:16 Taylor95. Kevin Fell 02:30:35 Fort St. John102. Hunter Mackay 02:32:36 Fort St. John104. Jason Hanna 02:32:48 Fort St. John107. Aaron Harper 02:33:50 Fort St. John109. Greg Luciow 02:33:54 Charlie lake110. Tom Coveney 02:34:26 Fort St. John114. Tom Miles 02:35:45 Charlie Lake122. Marc d’Entremont 02:37:12 Fort St. John124. Stephen Wile 02:37:44 Fort St. John141. Andrew Tyrrell 02:41:35 Fort St. John150. Gerald Bernardin 02:42:40 Fort St. John152. Martin Baker 02:42:49 Fort St. John153. Scott Stanek 02:42:58 Fort St. John154. Terry LeBlanc 02:43:12 Charlie Lake165. Carl Bernardin 02:45:28 Fort St. John167. Bryan Fitzpatrick 02:45:53 Fort St. John182. Quinn Gentles 02:50:23 Fort St. John184. Philip Couch 02:51:04 Fort St. John194. Peter DeJong 02:52:42 Fort St. John211. Martin Fox 02:55:30 Fort St. John212. Patrick Corbett 02:55:31 Fort St. John220. Kyle Entwistle 02:57:24 Fort St. John232. Arthur Gervais 02:59:08 Fort St. John255. Abraham Unruh 03:01:55 Fort St. John301. Jamie Osterlund 03:10:11 Fort St. John306. Kerry Mann 03:10:40 Fort St. John313. Darren Meier 03:11:47 Fort St. John314. Rich Nixon 03:11:52 Fort St. John326. Dean Lowry 03:14:31 Charlie Lake342. Layne Craig 03:17:01 Charlie Lake357. Hayden Mackay 03:20:40 Fort St. John363. Ryan Ross 03:21:12 Fort St. John373. Brant Billings 03:22:49 Charlie Lake397. Eugene Barton 03:26:05 Charlie Lake428. Richard Stickel 03:33:23 Fort St. John429. Greg Nardi 03:33:30 Fort St. John444. Chase Cooper 03:37:17 Fort St. John445. Russ Beerlng 03:37:27 Fort St. John459. Shayne Osborne 03:41:34 Fort St. John487. Geoff Hurst 03:48:43 Fort St. John490. Dan Hawker 03:49:31 Fort St. John498. Mel Eklund 03:53:01 Fort St. John500. Ian Johnston 03:54:06 Fort St. John506. J.P. Schonewille 03:56:21 Fort St. John508. Francois Coetzer 03:58:01 Fort St. John517. Josh Reinbolt 04:00:39 Fort St. John522. Rod Hillary 04:00:59 Fort St. John524. Adam Currie 04:01:15 Fort St. John537. Darrell Regimbald 04:04:07 Fort St. John539. Tim Toews 04:04:51 Fort St. John543. Timothy Schuett 04:05:42 Fort St. John542. Ronnie Desort 04:05:42 Fort St. John552. Jason Wright 04:08:16 Fort St. John551. Matty Collins 04:08:16 Fort St. John563. Jeff Bernardin 04:15:33 Fort St. John571. Gordon Gentles 04:21:35 Fort St. John576. Darrell Lagadyn 04:22:20 Fort St. John579. Ken Bouck 04:24:03 Charlie Lake584. Robert Doucette 04:24:43 Fort St. JohnAdvertisement Below are the Fort St. John, Taylor and Charlie Lake finishers from the half marathon women’s event:49. Frankie Reinbolt 02:14:35 Fort St. John50. Katherine Kruse 02:14:56 Fort St. John53. Robin Lewis 02:15:23 Fort St. John57. Jennifer Clay 02:17:09 Fort St. John66. Suzanne Cavalheiro 02:20:15 Fort St. John71. Kelsey Legault 02:21:10 Fort St. John73. Roni Alexander 02:21:21 Fort St. John75. Stacey Jungen 02:22:22 Fort St. John78. Jessica Buckingham 02:23:01 Fort St. John91.  Beth Morrison 02:28:31 Fort St. John98. Barbara Polehoykie 02:31:47 Fort St. John99. Christine Luszczek 02:31:49 Fort St. John108. Laurie Cardinal 02:33:51 Fort St. John115. Annamari Miles 02:35:46 Charlie Lake121. Devrey Robbins 02:37:10 Fort St. John126. Eileen McPherson 02:38:09 Fort St. John128. Rachel Fell 02:38:28 Fort St. John131. Becky Keim 02:38:54 Fort St. John133. Hayley Crozier 02:39:24 Fort St. John138. Stacy Gibbons 02:41:08 Fort St. John139. Chantal Nielsen 02:41:09 Charlie Lake140. Kylee Lehr 02:41:22 Fort St. John143. Megan Stables 02:41:48 Fort St. John147. Nicole Sadownik 02:42:29 Fort St. John164. Jennifer Mallette 02:45:27 Fort St. John177. Emily Bowie 02:49:18 Fort St. John178. Stephanie Thomas 02:49:19 Fort St. John189. Lindsay Heal 02:51:58 Fort St. John191. Shayna Isaak 02:52:27 Fort St. John195. Nina Therrien 02:52:42 Fort St. John201. Penny Gagnon 02:53:21 Fort St. John202. Meghan Vander Meulen 02:53:57 Fort St. John203. Misty Hawes-Owen 02:54:03 Fort St. John206. Cindy Brunet 02:54:29 Fort St. John217. Arlyn Ross 02:56:54 Fort St. John218. Danica Norman 02:57:09 Silver Valley219. Ramona McAdie 02:57:21 Fort St. John236. Christie Entwistle 02:59:44 Fort St. John243. Jennifer Allen 03:00:44 Fort St. John252. Debbie Brown 03:01:38 Fort St. John253. Tabatha Nedokus 03:01:38 Fort St. John254. Andrea Osterlund 03:01:50 Fort St. John256. Shelley Unruh 03:01:55 Fort St. John258. Avril Bailey 03:02:00 Fort St. John262. Gretchen Kosick 03:02:29 Charlie Lake266. Nicole Luxton 03:03:24 Taylor268. Liz Billings 03:03:29 Charlie Lake272. Renee O’Neil 03:04:11 Fort St. John273. Cheryl Breitkreutz 03:04:39 Fort St. John280. Kristy Pollard 03:06:12 Fort St. John285. Christal Verge 03:06:58 Fort St. John288. Brenda Hetman 03:07:54 Charlie Lake294. Melissa Sound 03:09:13 Fort St. John296. Ashley Scriba 03:09:25 Fort St. John315. Shannon Crook 03:12:01 Charlie LakeAdvertisement 319. Chantell Bosch 03:13:51 Fort St. John322. Haylee Schmutz 03:14:19 104 F-19 to 34 Fort St. John325. Dione Pizzey 03:14:27 Fort St. John333. Tammy Dyck 03:15:27 Fort St. John337. Amanda Fordyce 03:16:17 Fort St. John341. Angele Heinrichs 03:16:59 Fort St. John340. Penny(Edna) St.Pierre 03:16:59 Fort St. John347. Angela Phelan 03:18:01 Fort St. John353. Karen Sutherland 03:19:04 Charlie Lake354. Katrina Judge 03:19:18 Fort St. John355. Nadine Thornton 03:19:20 Fort St. John356. Laura Clayson 03:20:23 Fort St. John360. Beth Grady 03:20:53 Fort St. John361. Shiran Fitzpatrick 03:21:05 Fort St. John362. Karla Stafford 03:21:05 Fort St. John374. Gertrude Steiner 03:22:49 Charlie Lake376. Elizabeth Nardi 03:23:10 Fort St. John377. Sheri Hawker 03:23:12 Fort St. John384. Athena Andritz 03:23:50 Fort St. John385. Alana Lewis 03:24:02 Taylor394. Sarah Murray 03:25:26 Fort St. John401. Victoria Butler 03:27:14 Fort St. John402. Samantha Corbett 03:27:15 Fort St. John405. Justina Dick 03:27:39 Fort St. John414. Brandy Sinclair 03:30:57 Fort St. John415. Noreen Mae 03:31:12 Fort St. John419. Sara Richardson 03:32:04 Charlie Lake420. Dee-Ann Stickel 03:32:15 Fort St. John421. Donni Levac 03:32:22 Fort St. John433. Crystal Laboucane 03:34:50 Fort St. John434. Lauren McKenzie 03:35:00 Fort St. John435. Stephanie Dixon 03:35:01 Fort St. John437. Sarah McConnell 03:35:19 Fort St. John438. Christina Sutherland 03:35:40 Charlie Lake441. Haley Brown 03:36:42 Fort St. John443. Jennifer Cooper 03:37:14 Fort St. John447. Brittney Toews 03:37:37 Fort St. John453. Megan Rawson 03:40:15 Fort St. John457. Samantha Warren 03:40:28 Charlie Lake461. Genevieve Spencer 03:42:39 Fort St. John465. Claire Leflar 03:44:59 Fort St. John467. Melanie Fox 03:45:13 Fort St. John472. Yuliss Spencer 03:45:27 Fort St. John476. Michelle Hesketh 03:46:12 Fort St. John486. Tracy Kucera 03:48:13 Fort St. John489. Angela Lamothe 03:49:29 Taylor493. Gerhild Neugebauer 03:49:49 Fort St. John494. Lindsay Brownhill 03:50:09 Fort St. John495. Lorene Dowds 03:50:22 Fort St. John497. Mary Neudorf 03:52:59 Fort St. John507. Iris Trapp 03:56:22 Fort St. John509. Karen Mason-Bennett 03:58:02 Fort St. John511. Carrie Clark 03:58:28 Fort St. John520. Janice Hillary 04:00:56 Fort St. John521. Britanee Hillary 04:00:56 Fort St. John526. Susan McGarvey 04:01:42 Fort St. John531. Jamie Young 04:01:58 Fort St. John533. Connie Chilcott 04:02:04 Fort St. John536. Patty Nixon 04:03:11 Fort St. John538. Annette Bailey 04:04:07 Fort St. John540. Katie Hesketh 04:04:52 Fort St. John541. Andrea Cunningham 04:05:00 Fort St. John546. Marie Bernardin 04:06:57 Fort St. John549. Christina Clarance 04:08:04 Fort St. John550. Navenda Wright 04:08:14 Fort St. John554. Des Graziano 04:09:07 Taylor558. Ellen Verbeek 04:11:28 Fort St. John562. Bonnie Smith 04:14:35 Fort St. John564. Kristin Pedde 04:15:34 Taylor566. Susan Thompson 04:16:17 Charlie Lake568. Kerri Mann 04:17:21 Fort St. John570. Amber Lindley 04:21:33 Fort St. John574. Jessica Christianson 04:22:14 Fort St. John575. Theresa Beard 04:22:14 Fort St. John581. Rhonda Anderson 04:24:25 Charlie Lake583. Leah Pillsworth 04:24:26 Dawson Creek586. Robin Lagadyn 04:25:02 Fort St. Johnlast_img read more


David Silva absence explained by prematurely-born baby boy

first_img“Also I want to share with you the birth of my son Mateo, who was born extremely preterm and is fighting day by day with the help of the medical team,” he tweeted.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Manchester City midfielder David Silva pictured during their English Premier League match against Watford at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, north west England, on January 2, 2018 © AFP / Paul ELLISLONDON, United Kingdom, Jan 3 – Manchester City’s Spanish international forward David Silva missed four matches recently because his prematurely-born baby son is fighting for his life, he revealed on Wednesday.The 31-year-old — who returned to the runaway Premier League leaders starting line-up for Tuesday’s 3-1 win over Watford — thanked everyone for their support on his twitter account @21LVA.last_img read more



first_imgDonegal suffered a disappointing defeat at the hands of Down in this game at a blustery Ballela Co. Down on Saturday.Missing a number of key players Donegal didn’t show enough belief to win this game and eventually went down on a scoreline of 2-17 to 4-3.Buncrana’s Paul Nelson got the opening score for Donegal but that was as good as it got, Down’s ability to score points was the major difference between the teams.The major turning point in this game came midway through the first half when Paddy Wilson who had been very influential up that point had to come off due to an ankle injury.A goal in injury time of the first half gave Down a half time lead of 2.7 to 1.2.Down opened the scoring in the second half with another brace of long range points, St Eunans Kevin Keely pulled a goal back for Donegal. Tom Clare’s men grew more into the game the longer it went on and finally began to believe in themselves.Aodh Ruadh’s Oisin Rooney got a brace of goals in the last 12 minutes unfortunately for Donegal the come back came too late.Carndonagh’s James Monagle made a couple of great saves in the second half.Donegal showed the Ards men too much respect but credit to them they never gave up and fought to the end.Donegal James Monagle (Carndonagh) Kevin Vaughan (Buncrana) James Doherty (Buncrana) Caoimhim Lennon (St Eunans) Paddy Wilson (Buncrana) Oisin Rooney (Aodh Ruadh) Justin Mc Bride (Setanta) Conor O’ Grady (St Eunans) Sam Doherty (Buncrana) Kevin Keely (St Eunans) Aaron Mc Cauley (Mc Cumhaills) Paul Nelson (Buncrana) Cathal Doherty (Carndonagh) Tom Clare (Buncrana) Jamie de Ward (Mc Cumhaills). Subs Declan Mc Carron (Buncrana) for Wilson, Stephen Gallagher (Burt) for de Ward, Danny Mc Carron (Carndonagh) for Mc Carron, Stephen Connolly (Aodh Ruadh) for Keely.Scorers Oisin Rooney 2.0, Sam Doherty 1.0, Kevin Keely 1.0, Tom Clare 0.2 f, Paul Nelson 0.1 HURLING: DONEGAL MINORS FALL SHORT IN ALL-IRELAND B QUARTER-FINAL was last modified: August 2nd, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:ALL IRELAND BdonegalHURLINGMinorslast_img read more