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PDC Madore NoTollscom didnt violate campaign finance laws

first_imgThe state Public Disclosure Commission has declined to formally investigate a Vancouver man’s allegations against David Madore and his political action committee, NoTolls.com, in the run-up to last November’s election.In a letter dated March 17, the commission informed Alexander Stone that it found no evidence of campaign finance violation or of any other alleged wrongdoing by Madore or his PAC before the November 2010 election.Madore, owner of U.S. Digital in east Vancouver, and NoTolls.com gave $173,715 in direct and in-kind contributions to 10 Republican and nonpartisan candidates last year.Stone had written the Public Disclosure Commission on Oct. 21 with two specific complaints.Stone alleged that because Madore is both treasurer and main contributor to NoTolls.com, he and his PAC are the “same entity,” meaning Madore had exceeded his individual contribution limits in at least four local races.Stone also wrote that it did not appear that the NoTolls.com PAC had enough donors to legally donate to state legislative candidates under state law.last_img read more