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U.S.- Colombia Action Plan Conference In Colombia Fosters Regional Solutions For Security

first_imgBy Erik Rojas / Diálogo August 27, 2019 Colombia hosted the third U.S.-Colombia Action Plan (USCAP) Conference for Regional Security in Medellín, July 29-August 2, 2019. During the event, representatives from Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, and the United States discussed ways to address security challenges and prevent international crime in Latin America. Ecuador and Paraguay are USCAP’s two most recent member countries.According to U.S. Marine Corps Major General David G. Bellon, director of SOUTHCOM’s Strategy, Policies, and Plans Directorate, the most important is to “develop a mechanism of regional decision-making that uses our strengths as partner nations and produces results against regional threats.”During the five-day event, participants focused on topics related to teamwork among member countries. Participants worked in groups to develop criteria the military and police forces must take into account when facing common challenges such as cybercrime, narcotrafficking, or arms and human trafficking.USCAP member countries took the opportunity to create a committee with members from each participating country to follow up on cyberdefense and cybercrime prevention results. They also included the human rights component in all actions to be implemented.This will allow USCAP member countries to incorporate shared international standards to facilitate planning and execution of joint and combined operations. In the case of Colombia, this is already in place: The Joint Cyber Command and the Police Cyber Center advise the governments of Ecuador, Panama, and Peru.According to Colombian Army Major General María Paulina Leguizamón, vice chairman of the Legal Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces’ General Command, these human rights actions will have a huge impact. “The ideal [scenario] is for militaries worldwide, in this case those of the Western Hemisphere, to have conceptual unity based on standards for use of force by military or police forces, which should guarantee the legitimacy of our actions under the law.”last_img read more


Maria’s extradition ‘cover up’ for failure to arrest other fugitives, experts say

first_imgMaria was named a suspect for fraudulent gains she made from loans from state-owned lender Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) issued to her company PT Gramarindo Group, which she co-owned with Adrian Waworuntu. She allegedly used a fictitious letter of credit to obtain US$136 million and 56 million euro ($118,846) in bank loans between 2002 and 2003.Read also: Jakarta ‘welcomes home’ BNI loan fraud fugitive from BelgradeBNI grew suspicious about the company and reported the case in June 2003 to the National Police, which opened a fraud investigation.However, Maria reportedly fled to Singapore in September 2003, just a month before the police investigation team named her a suspect in the case. Interpol issued a red notice in December 2003 for Maria, who had by then been on the run for three months. Meanwhile, the South Jakarta District Court tried and sentenced Adrian in 2005 to life imprisonment for corruption.Yasonna said in a statement that authorities later discovered that Maria – who was born in Paleloan, North Sulawesi in 1958 – had obtained Dutch citizenship in 1979 and was hiding in the Netherlands, from where she reportedly made several trips to Singapore.He added that the ministry had sent requests for her extradition to the Dutch government in 2010 and 2014, but they were rejected.The Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB) in Belgrade apprehended Maria on July 16, 2019, as she was entering the country through Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport and alerted the Indonesian NCB in Jakarta.The Law and Human Rights Ministry then issued a request for Maria’s temporary detention and extradition from Serbia.“We, along with law enforcers, will work to recover from abroad assets obtained by Maria [from her crimes]. We will take all legal measures to freeze her assets, including by blocking her bank accounts,” Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly said in a statement on Thursday.While many lauded the government for the extradition, experts have called on the authorities to capture other high-profile suspects and fugitives that have fled overseas.The fugitive list includes Djoko Tjandra, who was convicted in 2009 for embezzling billions of rupiah from the state bailout fund during the 1998 Asian financial crisis. He escaped to Papua New Guinea (PNG), a day before a court announced the verdict and he reportedly obtained PNG citizenship later that year.Read also: Indonesia will be ‘ashamed’ if it is ‘made a fool of’ by fugitive Djoko Tjandra: MahfudAfter being at large for more than a decade, Djoko has reportedly returned to Indonesia to file a review of his case, although his whereabouts remain unclear. He was absent from the first hearing in his case review on Monday.Attorney General ST Burhanuddin previously criticized the immigration authorities for their failure to notify his office of Djoko’s arrival in the country. However, the immigration office claimed it had found no trace of Djoko in its system.Zaenur Rohman, a researcher at Gadjah Mada University’s Center for Anticorruption Studies (PUKAT UGM), said the government had managed to capture Maria in Serbia but failed to bring home Djoko from PNG, despite the fact that Indonesia does not have an extradition treaty with either country.“Such a failure is caused by the lack of a government program to repatriate them to Indonesia. There is no measurable target and single well-planned effort to bring them back home,” Zaenur said on Thursday.He added that the fugitives’ immense wealth might have hindered efforts to capture and extradite them because they had brought economic benefits to the countries to which they had fled.Indonesian Anti-Corruption Community (MAKI) coordinator Boyamin Saiman called Maria’s arrest a cover up of the ministry’s “shame” for letting Djoko slip through undetected.”Maria’s extradition case has proven that if the government is serious, it can catch fugitives, including Djoko Tjandra and other high-profile ones,” Boyamin said in a statement.Read also: Airport CCTV footage shows PDI-P politician Harun Masiku returning to Indonesia, despite official claimsHe highlighted other major fugitives, including Eddy Tansil who was found guilty of having embezzled $565 million in state funds in a loan scam channeled by the Bank Pembangunan Indonesia (Bapindo) to his Golden Key GroupEddy escaped from prison in 1996 while serving his 20-year prison sentence, and has reportedly hidden in China since at least 2011.The Law and Human Rights Ministry was not immediately available to comment on the experts’ calls to arrest other fugitives.BNI corporate secretary Melly Meiliana said in a statement that the bank appreciated the government’s efforts to extradite Maria and would support the ongoing legal proceedings, which could become an opportunity to recover some of the losses endured by the lender.Topics : Indonesia succeeded in finally repatriating fugitive Maria Pauline Lumowa, who had been wanted for 17 years for allegedly stealing billions of rupiah from a state-owned bank, from the Republic of Serbia on Thursday.The successful extradition, however, should inspire the authorities to catch other high-profile suspects and convicts who have fled the country, experts have insisted.On Thursday morning, the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s extradition team escorted Maria as the group arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport from Belgrade, where the Serbian government had formally handed her over to Indonesian authorities.last_img read more


Tech Superlatives

first_imgIf you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! When you roll a team 66-6, pretty much everything is a superlative, but here were some of the best from Saturday.Best play: I don’t know if it was the best, but Weeden2Stewart for 66 and a TD at the end of the third was definitely the prettiest.I’m really glad: Tech already got their “how int he world did that happen” W out of the way this year.Strangest sideline report: Shelley Smith reporting that Justin Blackmon had to put a band-aid on because he scraped his knee.Best uniform (part I): Justin Gilbert for his David Wright orange-sleeves-under-the-jersey impression.Best uniform (part II): Cooper Bassett for having a small to medium-sized child hidden under his shoulder pads and calling it a “neck roll.”How does he do it: What’s with Sharp being able to boot it out of both endzones? Did OSU just have the most fortuitous wind situation ever, or what?“No, no, no, no” play: Weeden trying to horsecollar a Tech defensive player after Randle coughed it up in the second half. Just let it go, B-Weeds, just let it go.Quote of the game: Gundy on how long he should keep the starters in to keep them sharp – “If I knew I’d bottle it up.”Best move: Joseph Randle’s stutter step break-it-down move when he gets into the second level is devastating.Wait, WTF: Josh Stewart has an upper ear earring?I’m lol: At Monken saying they weren’t going to run then running it on the first three plays of the game.Stat of the game: OSU has 1 defensive shutout, LSU has 0.Stat OSU fans should love: Only 3 penalties for the Cowboys. It’s been one of the most underrated stories of the year, especially after they finished 108th in this category last year.Picture the Texas Tech admissions office can’t be happy about:A pair of non-OSU videos you really need to watch:last_img read more