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Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS will not support stereoscopic 3D

first_imgEarlier this month Square Enix announced that PS2 game Dragon Quest VIII was being ported to the 3DS and will be released in Japan on August 27. We may get it in the West just like we got the original, but nothing had been confirmed yet. What nobody is getting, though, is the ability to play it using the 3DS’ upper screen stereoscopic 3D.The lack of 3D support has been revealed in the latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. No reason has been given for the lack of support, but it’s easy to speculate it has to do with performance. Square Enix wants Dragon Quest VIII to run on as many 3DS models as possible, and that includes the 2DS and original 3DS.The big draw for picking up Dragon Quest VIII again on a new platform was never going to be stereoscopic 3D, though. What gamers will buy it for is the new content. Square Enix is promising new story scenarios as well as a couple of new party members and voice acting. Having access to a portable version that doesn’t rely on a touchscreen as the only means of input is also going to be welcomed.Dragon Quest VIII was a huge seller on the PS2. In the first week on sale in Japan it sold over 3 million copies, with over 5 million copies sold worldwide, half a million of which were in North America. It seems likely the game will sell well once again on the 3DS, at least in Japan, because of the new story elements. Ignoring 3D support and supporting all 2DS/3DS models is also a good move, even if Nintendo probably frowned on that decision.last_img read more