Mike Tyson Announces New California Music Festival With Miguel, Chicano Batman, & More

first_img[H/T Consequence of Sound] Former Heavyweight Champion boxer-turned-showbiz entertainer Mike Tyson is now taking a jab at the music industry with his own mini-festival. The sports star announced on Tuesday that a one-day music event will take place at his Tyson Ranch Resort in Desert Hot Springs, California on February 23rd, and will be titled, The Kind Music Festival. The event will act as more of a “pop-up” micro-festival, according to its website, but overall it looks to be pretty “awethome” as Iron Mike would say!Artists who have already been booked and confirmed for the one-day event include Miguel as the headliner, as well as Chicano Batman, Starcrawler, Yonee, Mac Ayres, and All My Friends Hate Me. The event is open to fans of all ages and will include designated “Hang Out Village” and “Chillville” areas filled with 100 specialty bean bags, massive inflatable rides, obstacle courses, and mazes. The “Fun Zone” will presumably not include sparring sessions with Mike, so don’t go getting too ambitious on vodka/Red Bulls, all you meatheads out there. Fans will also be able to enjoy food and beverages from food trucks parked on-site.There will be no sales or giveaways of cannabis products on site, although the 412-acre entertainment complex is hoping to develop into a cannabis research and design facility in the near future. Fans are encouraged not to bring any illegal drugs or paraphernalia into the event grounds. Tyson is, of course, no stranger to the world of entertainment. The former fighter rose out of tough Brooklyn neighborhoods as a teenager to become the youngest Heavyweight Champion boxer in history at age 21 back in the 1980s. He quickly punched his way to becoming one of the hottest pay-per-view entertainers in the sport before age and financial mismanagement sent his career into a downward spiral. Tyson has rebounded and rebranded in recent years. In addition to losing post-career weight and launching a theatrical production about his life, he’s also invested his newly earned money in the thriving cannabis industry with The Tyson Ranch. Tickets for the event will begin general on-sale on Wednesday, January 3rd, and can be found along with more F.A.Q’s by visiting the event’s official website. last_img read more


Moving past any obstacles

first_imgTomer Rosner has a way of seeing hidden possibilities. Like the archetypal optimist turning lemons into lemonade, Rosner has managed to turn a Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) storage closet into an office.Tucked into a first-floor corner of the Littauer Building, the sparsely adorned and poorly lit room is nothing to brag about. But Rosner, a midcareer student from Israel, didn’t seem to mind the lack of ambience as he showed off the space where he does much of his coursework.“I can’t see it anyway,” he joked.In a school that hosts students from dozens of countries, and that is home to a vast array of languages, religions, and political beliefs, Rosner brings another kind of difference to the classroom. He is currently the only legally blind student at the Kennedy School. But that fact has hardly kept him from making the most of his year at Harvard.Rosner has experienced some challenges since moving to America last summer. Cambridge’s bumpy cobblestone sidewalks can turn a leisurely stroll into a complicated dance. He can easily get lost in the Kennedy School’s mazelike buildings. (“It feels like we’re in a Harry Potter book,” he said of the half-floors and tight spiral staircases.) And of course, there’s no easy way to learn graduate-level statistics if one can’t read a graph.“Being in a new environment is not easy for me,” Rosner said. “I’m used to having independence. But it’s a price I’m willing to pay to be here.”It has helped, he said, that the School has provided a mobility orienter, or guide, who taught him the walk from his University-owned apartment to campus. There also are special proctors who transcribe his essays or describe for Rosner those aforementioned pesky graphs.“It wasn’t obvious to me that I would get so much help,” Rosner said.And then there is the Littauer office’s pièce de résistance: a University-provided computer that reads documents aloud. Next to it sits a projector that magnifies documents to many times their original size, allowing Rosner, who maintains some sight, to read them. The technology has come a long way since he first lost his sight 28 years ago. Then, his father had to travel to the United States to purchase a primitive reading machine.“When I began to have these medical complications, my father said, ‘You will be like everyone else,’ ” he recalled. That attitude led Rosner through college, law school, and into an impressive career in Israeli public policy.Rosner is now studying for a master of public administration through the Wexner Foundation’s Israel Fellowship Program, which sends up to 10 Israeli civil servants to HKS each year to train them to be public-sector leaders.Despite his casual demeanor — at 41, he wears jeans and Converse sneakers to class — Rosner wields a great deal of influence in Israel’s government. He is the senior legal adviser to the State Control Committee and the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee in the Knesset, or parliament.“This position gives me the opportunity to be in the center of policymaking in Israel,” Rosner said. “Every day has its new issue, and I have to dig into it, study it, and know the implications” before advising Knesset committee members, most of whom have only two staffers to help with policy research.Over the past several years, Rosner has helped to craft major environmental legislation, including a law that forces corporations to pay for their pollution even if they are doing so within legal limits.“We’ve had what I would call an environmental revolution,” he said.He came to the Kennedy School to access the latest environmental policy ideas and to network with an international group of policymakers. He has strengthened his leadership skills, he said, by taking classes on crafting public narratives, ethics, and public speaking.After several months on campus, Rosner still exudes an infectious enthusiasm for Harvard life. He keeps vigilant watch over upcoming University events, and once penciled in six public lectures in a day. (Unsurprisingly, he couldn’t make them all.)“I didn’t imagine how diverse an experience this would be,” he said. “You can be in a class debating dropping the atomic bomb on Japan, and you’ll have both military officers and Japanese students in the class.”One eye-opening moment, Rosner said, was hearing a talk by the political economist Robert Reich in his Arts of Communication class last fall.“Everything we talked about in class, he did,” he said of Reich, who is considered a master public speaker.But the speech stuck with Rosner for another reason, too, said the course’s instructor, Marie Danziger.The 4-foot-10-inch Reich opens every public appearance with a self-deprecating joke about his height. After hearing Reich, “Tomer developed this repertoire of blind jokes,” said Danziger, a lecturer in public policy at HKS. “Almost every time he gave a speech in class, he would find some way — some charming, moving way — to acknowledge this difference that he contends with.”That strategy gave Rosner a way to connect with an audience he couldn’t see, Danziger said.“I don’t know how he did it,” she added, “but his last two or three speeches were perfect.”last_img read more


An Overview of the EMEA Sales Graduate Program

first_imgIncremental changes can determine sizable progress. This key phrase summarizes Dell’s milestones in a nutshell — from a dorm room to a multinational company. At first, the mantra “Technology that enables human progress” might seem like it centers on automation and machinery as progress-drivers. But it revolves around people, those who develop technology solutions, and those who use them. The incremental changes in any domain start with people, as they are the enablers of transformation and the driving force behind improvement.Dell Technologies believes development programs are critical to its growth strategy, which is why the company invests in graduate programs around the world that are destined to maximize the potential of young people with a passion for technology. The success of the programs has exceeded all expectations, with the EMEA region surpassing the global target of 25 percent for hiring.The Foundation of the EMEA Sales Graduate Program: All About TrainingThe EMEA Sales Graduate Program kicked off in 2016 and since then has hired and trained 238 grads from 21 different countries.In the midst of workforce transformation, Dell Technologies’ graduate training is specifically tailored to reflect these changes. As a result, grads become fully knowledgeable about the Dell Technologies portfolio, as well as the company’s culture code within the first few months. It’s not just about amassing as much information about laptops and servers as possible, it is also about honing a proactive attitude, building rapport, establishing the right customer etiquette, improving presentation skills and acquiring all the other global skills that are necessary to any work environment. Ty Chan, one of the Cherrywood, Ireland-based sales graduates, even likened his initial experience at Dell Technologies to college life: “A lot of learning and asking questions but I am delighted that I have so much support from my team which allows me to grow!”In an effort to foster a collaborative environment, the EMEA Sales Graduate program holds two face-to-face events per year where graduates from all across the region meet up and learn from each other. Graduates are divided into groups and assigned projects per team based on their interests and strengths. Many of these projects go past the conceptual stage and are materialized within the company, one such example being the EMEA Online Platform Communication Special Project. The team in charge of this special project aimed to streamline the internal communication process and proposed a new internal communication platform to be adopted by Dell Technologies employees everywhere.Future Expectations at DellThe company’s 2020 achievement of hiring 25 percent of all external hires as graduates ensures that the company moves forward with the best, well-grounded talent on board. By identifying the most promising candidates and equipping them with the right tools to succeed, the program aims to kickstart novel careers in the IT industry and to support each individual development story.The company also vouches to balance out the gender ratio at Dell, not only within the Graduate Program but outside of it as well. Maintaining a gender ratio of 50 percent is an aspect that is controlled and considered at point of hire. Empowerment is more than just a buzzword to attract and recruit. Empowerment can be found in the goals of the company, in the steps taken to give leadership a female voice, and in the opportunities that Dell creates for its employees. Soufiane El Hachimi, a sales graduate from Casablanca, Morocco shares how the cumulative importance that Dell Technologies places on its employees shaped his perspective on the overall grad experience: “The fact that Dell Technologies invests in us with onboarding sessions, trainings, and F2F events was impressive and motivated me to do my best, to be more productive and useful as fast as I could.”The Outcome: Diversity, Drive, and DedicationIn a technology-driven world, people are still at the centre of everything. Therefore, the heart of this program is the human interaction through which ideas are shared and connections are made. Dell Technologies has built a collaborative work environment where diversity is celebrated, drive is rewarded and dedication is recognized. “I have never experienced such a warm and welcoming culture that made me soon realize that this work is my ‘happy place,’” exclaimed Pavla Fejfarkova, a Prague, Czech Republic-based graduate who summarized her experience within the company so far. Facilitating interaction between tech-aficionados and allowing them to exchange ideas is what made these meet-ups a success. We have discovered through them that interconnectivity is key, especially between generations. With the help of more experienced employees, Dell graduates not only become adept at their jobs in a short span of time, but they also receive incentive to succeed. As Madalina Ormenisan, sales graduate from the Glasgow, Scotland office states, “it is a real fortune to have had the chance to meet various great leaders who are contributing to making Dell Technologies such a successful company.” The transfer of knowledge goes both ways, as through the Graduate Program, we have also developed a Reverse Mentoring program in which young grads help other Dell employees learn the tricks of the social media trade.Through the EMEA Sales Graduate program, Dell Technologies continues opening up new avenues and paving the way for digitalization.To learn more about the program, visit our homepage here.last_img read more


Tarp Skunks Reveal Team Colors

first_imgPhoto Courtesy: Jamestown Tarp Skunks/FacebookJAMESTOWN – With their first season as the Jamestown Tarp Skunks starting in three months, the team revealed their colors on Wednesday. The team uniforms will consist of “Skunk Back Black”, “Stay Away Gray”, “Golden Boots Gold”, “Tarp Blue” and “Stink Green”.According to Jamestown Tarp Skunks’s, “Skunk Back Black” represents the skunk, “Stay Away Gray” represents not trying to get too close to a skunk, “Golden Boots Gold” for the rubber boots “Tarp Blue” for the home of the skunk and “Stink Green” symbolizes the skunk spray.Jamestown’s color palette revelation is the second team update this after the team unveiled the Russel E. Diethrick, Jr. logo at the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame 2020 ceremony on Monday. The Tarp Skunks will begin their 2020 regular season on May 29 for the first of a two-game series vs. the Capital City Reds.Capital City will be one of the four divisional opponents the Tarp Skunks will have, with the other three being the Geneva Red Wings, Saugerties Stallions and the Adirondack Trail Blazers. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),How freaking stupid. Even if u liked this sport. I wouldn’t buy anything, because of the stupid name.,Dang auto input. . I meant I not ulast_img read more


Ten new ideas to help your credit union handle COVID-19

first_img continue reading » The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is escalating pretty quickly, both nationally and abroad. Between Ongoing Operations and CU 2.0, we’re seeing the challenges that credit unions are facing—and we’re getting ideas about how to fix them.Now that COVID-19 is officially a global pandemic, businesses and entire industries are taking precautions. Schools are closed, events are canceled, and some cities are even enforcing lockdowns. Credit unions are also feeling the pressure.But leadership and support in times like these are crucial. Yes, the credit union must stay safe… but it must also continue to serve its members—especially while their usual resources and support network are compromised.In conjunction with the business continuity planning experts at Ongoing Operations, we’d like to share ten new ideas to help your credit union handle COVID-19. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more


AODP turns focus to asset-owner ‘suppliers’ with climate-risk rankings

first_imgJulian Poulter, chief executive at the AODP, said the leading asset owners needed support to “overcome resistance within supplier communities and the perverse incentives that exist”.“Our new indices will extend the same climate rating criteria to the whole investment chain, showing the leaders and laggards in black and white,” he said. “There can now be no escape from scrutiny further down the chain.”The new Global Climate Asset Manager Index will rate the top 50 asset managers covering 70% of the market and more than $40trn (€35trn) in investments, according to the AODP.It will assess how institutions are managing climate risk, investing in the low-carbon economy and engaging with investee companies on these issues.It will base the ratings on direct disclosure by those being assessed and/or publicly available information.Poulter told IPE it would distribute the assessment templates in the next 2-3 weeks, for asset managers and the other agents.He said a “power shift” had occurred over the past few years as the range of asset owners speaking to their fund managers about issues such as climate change had broadened, and that asset owners would be encouraging their suppliers to provide disclosure for the AODP indices.“The asset owners need this data,” he said.“In fact, we all need this data. Relative data is one of the things that makes a market more efficient. We just need to get some transparency from all of these agents.”Regulators will also benefit from the disclosure and the AODP’s rankings, according to Poulter. Having started to design this new set of indices some 6-12 months ago, the AODP said it was encouraged by the stance taken by the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).“Our whole thinking was predicated on the assumption – and we’re delighted it happened – that the FSB would keep the range of agents under its own thinking as broad as it has done,” said Poulter. The taskforce is developing a climate disclosure framework and has said it drew up a comprehensive list of stakeholders that would ensure all parts of the credit and investment chain were covered. In addition to the Global Climate Asset Manager Index, the AODP will be releasing similar assessments that rate other actors in the investment chain on the same criteria – the top 20 investment consultants, the top 20 proxy/engagement advisers and the three main rating agencies (Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch).Investment consultants, said the AODP, “are the primary advisers of asset allocation for asset owners”.“They often advise asset owners on choice of fund manager and play a key role in deciding where funds will be invested,” it said. Proxy/engagement advisers, according to the AODP, are “the route through which many asset owners engage with the market, and their votes play a critical role in determining whether companies shift to low-carbon business models”.Rating agencies, meanwhile, “have a vital role to play in assessing the long-term prospects of fossil fuel companies and the sovereign debt of countries that export fossil fuels”.In launching the new indices, the AODP hopes to help “drive change down the investment chain”.This language and focus chimes with a recent report from the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which called on the asset-owner community to send clearer signals to the rest of the investment chain about responsible investment/environmental, social and governance issues. The top 50 asset managers and top 20 investment consultants are due to be rated on how well they manage climate risk when the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) later this year launches a set of indices to “turn the spotlight” on asset owners’ suppliers in the investment chain.In the autumn, the organisation will launch rankings of asset managers, investment consultants, proxy/engagement advisers and rating agencies on their approach to climate risk.The AODP already does this for asset owners, via its Global Climate 500 Index, and the new indices will be modelled on this.The fourth edition of the Global Climate 500 Index will be published in early May.last_img read more


Sherwood ready for Townsend return

first_img The matches came thick and fast over the festive period, but the niggling strain would not go away. The 22-year-old has been passed fit for Sunday’s game at Swansea though after he came through a 45-minute run-out in the Under-21s on Tuesday. Townsend scored one goal and set up two more in a 4-1 win over Newcastle, and Sherwood was happy with the wide man’s contribution. “Andros had a quiet one on Tuesday,” Sherwood said with an ironic grin. “We all know what he can do. He gives us a different dimension. “He had a flying start to the season and we are happy to have him back in the squad.” Sherwood has had to deploy Christian Eriksen on the left wing in recent weeks because the natural replacements for Townsend – Erik Lamela and Gylfi Sigurdsson – have been struggling with injury. Townsend’s return should therefore give Spurs the natural width in midfield which is key to Sherwood’s attacking philosophy. Injury has decimated the Tottenham squad in recent weeks. As many as 10 first-team players have been out at one time during the festive period. Of all the injuries suffered, the most key have been to Jan Vertonghen and Younes Kaboul. The absence of the tall, quick and powerful centre-backs has meant that Michael Dawson and Vlad Chiriches have started the last six games at centre-back. At first sight the two might not seem a natural pairing, but they have formed a decent partnership, conceding six goals. “We picked up a lot of injuries in the centre-back position, which was a problem for us but Chiriches and Dawson have been fantastic over that Christmas period,” Sherwood said. “We’ve managed to get positive results with basically just those two to choose from.” In reality Sherwood has Hugo Lloris to thank for the team’s decent defensive record of late. The Frenchman started to lose form towards the end of Andre Villas-Boas’ reign, but he has been back to his best. Lloris’ saves have helped Tottenham move to within two points of the top four, but the goalkeeper knows there is still much work to do if the north London club are to qualify for the Champions League. “Our hopes for the season are still alive because we’re getting points and we are closer to the top four, so we are still in a good way,” Lloris told Spurs TV. “But we have to be careful and if we want to finish where we want to be, we have to do more.” Swansea’s own injury problems mean they have dropped down the table of late, with Michael Laudrup’s men without a win in their last seven. Swansea’s home record is the joint-worst in the division, but Lloris has told his team-mates they cannot afford to underestimate the opposition. He said: “It’s always difficult to play against Swansea and we know they’re capable of getting some good results against big teams. “They play some really good football and if we are not focussed on the game and if we don’t play at 100 per cent, it will be very difficult.” Press Association Sherwood kept a watchful eye over Townsend’s impressive development during his time with the youth squads, but the Spurs boss has been unable to call upon the winger since he was named head coach. Townsend suffered a hamstring injury following Sherwood’s first game as interim boss – the Capital One Cup defeat to West Ham – and he has found the comeback trail hard to negotiate. Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood cannot wait to unleash Andros Townsend on terrified defenders once again.last_img read more


Ireland through to last four

first_img Philip Doyle’s side then ran away with the second half, scoring 26 unanswered points including a penalty try plus scores for Siobhan Fleming, Lynch again and Vikki McGinn. Ireland advanced to the semi-finals of the Women’s Rugby World Cup for the first time in their history with a convincing 40-5 victory over Kazakhstan in Marcoussis. Press Associationcenter_img Having shocked four-time champions New Zealand 17-14 in midweek, the Irish knew another win on Saturday would see them finish top of Pool B with a 100 per cent record. And they proved too strong for Kazakhstan, who had lost both their opening group games and trailed 14-5 at the interval with debutant Sharon Lynch and Tania Rosser dotting down either side of a Svetlana Karatygina try. last_img read more


David Seaman: Petr Cech solves Arsenal’s goalkeeping problem

first_img Press Association The 33-year-old was Arsene Wenger’s only signing during a quiet transfer window at the Emirates Stadium as the Arsenal boss looked to find a goalkeeper he could fully trust. Cech, who won 13 major honours during an 11-year stint at Chelsea, moved across London and has played every competitive game since. David Seaman believes the signing of Petr Cech could give Arsenal the consistency they need to mount a sustained title challenge. He may sit out Wednesday night’s third round Capital One Cup clash against fierce local rivals Tottenham, but he has been backed by former Gunners number one Seaman as a man who can turn the club into bona fide championship contenders. “It is a problem solved for Arsene,” Seaman told Press Association Sport. “You have got a goalkeeper there with great quality, great experience and who commands immediate respect from the Arsenal players for what he has done in the game. “(David) Ospina has done well and is a little unfortunate to find himself as number two – Wojciech Szczesny has shown inconsistency and you can’t do that as Arsenal goalkeeper. “With Cech you have just got quality. The consistency helps sustain a challenge, it helps the confidence of the defence – they know you’re not going to be making mistakes and being rash in games. “That is what you get with Petr Cech, he won’t make many mistakes and he is already showing how good he is despite having a new back four in front of him.” Despite the addition of Cech, many Arsenal supporters were upset that the club did not bolster their outfield options – the only club in the top five European leagues not to do so. But Seaman trusts Wenger and thinks he may dip into the transfer market when the window reopens in the new year, using some of the cash reserve of £193.1m revealed last week by financial figures for Arsenal’s parent company. “I’m sure in the January window there will be movement, especially now the figures for how much Arsene has to spend have come out,” he added. “If they get to January in a strong positon, I’m sure he will strengthen again. “It is brave that he has not listened to everyone and gone and spent money but he is in the same mould as Sir Alex Ferguson – so many people think they know more than Wenger but I’m sorry, they don’t. He knows the club better than anyone and knows what they need.” As well as the likelihood being Cech will be rested at White Hart Lane, midfielder Santi Cazorla will serve a suspension for the red card he picked up in Saturday’s controversial 2-0 defeat at Cech’s former side Chelsea. There is also the prospect that Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino will rotate his squad, meaning Michel Vorm could start ahead of first-choice stopper Hugo Lloris. France international Lloris was linked with a move away from Spurs in the summer but Seaman is a big fan of Tottenham’s new skipper. “He is really good. He is top, top quality,” he said. “He makes saves that you don’t expect him to make. I know he is not a big goalkeeper but he makes the saves, you see the gaps but he gets there. “He is a top quality goalie. It was all set to move around if David De Gea looked set to leave Man United. I’m sure a goalkeeper of that quality will be wanting to contend for trophies.” :: David Seaman was speaking on behalf of The Football League and Capital One – the credit card in your corner. Visit facebook.com/CapitalOneUK last_img read more


Other Sports Anand beats Ragger as Indian men crush Austria 3.5-0.5

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Other Sports News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Batumi : World rapid champion Viswanathan Anand put it past Markus Ragger in a brilliant positional game as the Indian men’s team cruised to a 3.5-0.5 victory over Austria in the second round of the 43rd Chess Olympiad here. Back to the Olympiad after a gap of 12 years, Anand was precise in calculation and brilliant in judgement giving away nothing to Ragger who was all at sea defending a difficult position out of the opening on Tuesday evening.P Harikrishna, on the second board, benefitted from a late blunder by Valentin Dragnev after Vidit Gujrathi ensured an Indian lead with a fluent victory over Andreas Diermair. On the fourth board, B Adhiban was held to a draw by Peter Schreiner.Also Read | Asia Cup 2018: THIS player may become ‘tie king’ for Team IndiaWith their second 3.5-0.5 victory, the Indian men remain in joint lead on four points with 40 other teams and will next take on Canada.The Indian women scored a 4-0 victory defeating Venezuela on all four boards. On the top board, Grandmaster D Harika was stretched but not hassled by Sarai Carolina Sachez Castillo. On the second, Tania Sachdev played a clean game to outwit Amelia Hernandez Bonilla. Eesha Karavade was in her elements against Tairu Manuela Rovira Contreras and national champion Padmini Rout defeated Corals Patino Garcia to complete the whitewash.With 33 teams leading in this section, the Indian women will be next facing Serbia that might pose a better challenge.The second day in the biggest chess event was again not devoid of upsets and top seeded Russia became the first major casualty in the women’s section losing to Uzbekistan by a narrow 1.5-2.5 margin.The Uzbek women did well to hold the first three boards and then pulled the plug on the last board as higher rated Russian Natalija Pogonina was outdone by Nodira Nadirjanova.Anand played the Italian opening that has been finding a lot of favour in top level chess these days. Banking upon an idea played by Grandmaster S P Sethuraman in December last year, Anand found the going easy in a strategic battle when Ragger went wrong in his planning.Also Read | I was assaulted at 7; raped at 16, reveals actor Padma Lakshmi after 32 years of silenceWith his minor pieces better than his opponent’s, Anand made a foray on the queenside and despite swapping of pieces at regular intervals the advantage for him remained intact. Ragger resigned on the 47th move when he faced loss of a pawn.“He probably could have resisted better,” Anand said after the game citing some important moments where black might have equalized with accurate moves.Vidit Gujrathi played the Ruy Lopez and Diermair simply fell prey to a simple tactic resulting in serious material deficit while Harikrishna kept on pushing for more in an equal endgame and was duly rewarded.Among the Indian women, Harika replaced Humpy on the top board and outplayed her opponent in her trademark style.Eesha Karavade had to do little as her opponent made many positional errors right from the beginning while Padmini Rout also faced little resistance.After a rather topsy-turvy opening game, Tania Sachdev also found her form and squeezed out a fine victory thanks to some wily manoeuvres.Indian results: Open: India (4) beat Austria (2) 3.5-0.5 (Viswanathan Anand beat Markus Ragger; Valentin Dragnev lost to P. Hari Krishna; Vidit Gujarati beat Andreas Diermair; Peter Schreiner drew with B. Adhiban).Women: India (4) beat Venezuela (2) 4-0 (D. Harika beat Sarai Carolina Sachez Castillo; Amelia Hernandez Bonilla lost to Tania Sachdev; Eesha Karavade beat Tairu Manuela Rovira Contreras; Corals Patino Garcia lost to Padmini Rout). last_img read more